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  1. Challenges and Uncertainties in Forecasting Federal Individual Income Tax Receipts

    by Parcell, Ann D.

  2. What Made Receipts Boom and When Will They Go Bust?

    by Kasten, Richard A., Weiner, David, and Woodward, G. Thomas

  3. Forecasting Personal Income Tax Revenue: Recent New Jersey Experience

    by Kaluzny, Richard L. and Beam, Thomas M.

  4. Forecasting Revenue Receipts in the States: Current Challenges in California

    by Williams, Brad, Ingenito, Robert, and Vasche, Jon David

  5. Taxing State and Local Government Production: Economic and Legal Perspectives

    by Schuldinger, Moshe and Zimmerman, Dennis

  6. The Case Against Deferral: A Deferential Reconsideration

    by Hines, James R. Jr.

  7. Surplus Tax Policy?

    by Burman, Leonard E.

  8. Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Taxing Internet Commerce

    by Goolsbee, Austan and Zittrain, Jonathan

  9. The Sales Tax, the VAT, and Taxes in Between--or, Is the Only Good NRST a "VAT in Drag"?

    by Zodrow, George R.

  10. The Required Tax Rate in a National Retail Sales Tax

    by Gale, William G.

  11. Rainy Day Funds and State Government Savings

    by Knight, Brian and Levinson, Arik

  12. Tax Exemption and State Capital Investment

    by Coronado, Julia Lynn

  13. Labor Force Participation of Older Workers: Prospective Changes and Potential Policy Responses

    by Favreault, Melissa, Ratcliffe, Caroline, and Toder, Eric J.

  14. Distributional Implications of Social Security Reform for the Elderly: The Impact of Revising COLAs, the Normal Retirement Age, and the Taxation of Benefits

    by Johnson, Richard W.

  15. Three Key Design Issues in Analyzing the Trust Fund Investment Policy

    by Smetters, Kent

  16. Would Saving Social Security Raise National Saving?

    by Walliser, Jan

  17. Lump Sum Distributions From Pension Plans: Recent Evidence and Issues for Policy and Research

    by Burman, Leonard E., Coe, Norma B., and Gale, William G.

  18. Taxing Retirement Income: Nonqualified Annuities and Distributions From Qualified Accounts

    by Brown, Jeffrey R., Mitchell, Olivia S., Poterba, James M., and Warshawsky, Mark J.

  19. Disposition of Lump-Sum Pension Distributions: Evidence From Tax Returns

    by Sabelhaus, John and Weiner, David