how to stretch and frame a cross stitch

Very comprehensive lens. I have always understood that to mount a cross stitch it was automatic to also frame it. Make sure the piece is as tight as possible when you do this, to prevent any further creasing or wrinkling from appearing over time. Gently stretch the canvas, pinning every 1/2 inch on the blocking board's grid lines until the canvas has been straightened. Framing cross stitch and embroidery projects doesn't need to be difficult. If you're going to the effort of stretch mounting and framing your needlework you should definitely do it up right. The technique shown here will allow you to remove the stitchery in the future and have it come out in exactly the same condition it was in when you framed it. Either way, don’t use anything too strong, or too much of it! Cross stitch is a little easier than this HSH piece since the weave is easier to follow. Again push sequin pins into side edge of the foam board. Nice Lens. Hardanger embroidery is usually done "in hand" meaning without a hoop, but some stitchers do use a scroll frame … Showing The Back Of A Well Done Cross Stitch. For the second reason, you could, in fact, have a frame create an archival version of this my dry mounting the cloth. Cover the back with a layer of acid-free paper, mat or foam-core. ps our JoAnn's carries sequin pins, and this is not a big town (40,000) -- not a JoAnn's superstore.. This page offers you a fully illustrated step by step on the proper way to stretch mount as well as an all text at a glance version. @anonyme114: Yes I cut the mat myself. I used the pish pins at first but they left a dark "metal" stain on my white aida. i just finished a cross stitch that i'm giving my stepdad for fathers day and i can't wait to frame it myself :). Other sources recommend using a staple gun, either should get the job done. Mona (author) from Iowa on August 20, 2014: @vivienne1943: Sorry for the delayed response on this. I … I would add photos to demonstrate step 1, about cutting out the smaller, inner foam board piece out of the original piece. We measure the “image” size of the piece and place a centering ruler in the middle. Yes neatness counts when it come to making a beautiful piece of needle art. There are various way frame shops mount needlework with some being more effective at keeping the aida cloth running straight than others. Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on October 31, 2012: I have several that my sister did and I need to mount. I have maintained some of the same customers for all that time and I feel honored that they trust me enough to frame their precious needlework, that they willingly ship it across many states instead of getting it framed locally. thanks for sharing... it help me a lot for framing my cross stitch. Even most Hobby Lobby or Crafting stores don't carry pins this small. Good luck. CROSS STITCH - How To Mount Cross Stitch - Check out this quick and easy TUTORIAL mounting finished cross stich pieces! The short pins are getting hard to come by. One question where do you get foam core? If the aida is cut too short it may fray into the visual space, Unlikely but possible. Just be patient and move slowly. So not everything thicker than paper is automatically excluded from our frames. Do this by pushing the pins into the edge of the foam board. I have a bunch of x-stitch pieces that my mom and my wife have made that they want framed. Since I already told you NOT to use sticky boards for mounting your needlework, I thought I'd best give you an alternative do-it-yourself option. It is easy to assume that a piece of needlework will only have meaning to yourself and therefore you may feel compelled to skimp a little on the framing. The average poster board thickness isn’t even 1/16″ thick. Mona (author) from Iowa on April 29, 2012: @anonymous: This is not something I know anything about. Learn how to frame a cross stitch or embroidery project in a hoop or traditional frame with these 4 simple steps. It's a thin board with a tacky adhesive that allows you to mount your needlework just by laying it on top of it. She's finding it harder nowadays with her eyesight failing and hands not so nimble. Cut foam board using smooth powerful strokes. I have done some that are already mounted but I have quite a few ready to frame and some still in progress. Just make sure the “Outside Width and Height” is equal to the “Art Size” for your frame! • How to Stretch Mount Your Cross Stitch in Preparation for Framing — 6 Steps, • Why I Don't Recommend Using Sticky Boards for Mounting Needle Art, and When Using Mounting Board Is Okay, • Add Your Mat For a Finished Cross Stitch Ready for Framing, • How to DIY Stretch Mount Your Needlework — 6 Steps, • Cross Stitch and Needlework Framing FAQ. While our team is currently working overtime to craft and ship orders accurately and quickly, our shipping carriers have let us know that with the unprecedented increase in online sales this holiday season, they are experiencing a multitude of shipping delays. May I have some comments please, I recently entered a cross stitch competition and whilst I came first, the judge said the cross stitch should have been a mounted cross stitch only with no frame. Thanks. And use a couple of push pins on each side to hold it in … Center your stitchery on the foam board. In a bathroom for instance or where ever there is a high moisture environment the risk is higher. And by using quality products now you'll help preserve it for future generations. Apply the felt backing. When they are not in a frame, I store my stretched designs in large plastic bags in a sealed bin. Note: I often start pinning in a corner and then expand out on two edges at the same time. From there, you’ll want to place it down on a clean, white towel — making sure to get out all the wrinkles and folds. Just remember the following, and you should be good to go. I prefer the method I was taught when working in a museum because it allows me to better control the straightness despite taking a little more time. Also you can order it through amazon as well. Your guidance is just brilliant! This is where that tick mark you made when cutting the foam board comes in handy. In that time I've learned a couple of things which I will share with you here. We're sorry, but our website needs JavaScript enabled to help you customize and purchase the perfect frame. Embroidery art can look great framed in an embroidery hoop but if you want to go for a more sophisticated look you can frame your work in a rectangular or square format. Push Pins (not absolutely necessary but they make things easier). Your comments would be really appreciated. That being said, one of my faithful cross stitch customers always wants no glass, but with padding. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and receive tips, inspiration, and discounts on our custom frames! I would advise not using them or to try to clean them first. Also, you can also mount needlework using a technique known as lacing and it is just as archival and non-damaging to your needlework as the technique I am illustrating here. I know that I will be putting two inch mat border around the design so the picture once it is matted it will be approximately 7 5/8 x 14 1/8. I get more out of a project when I do it. Here's the way I was taught when I worked the framing department for a museum. Try not to have them come out the back of the foamboard and of course not out the front either. spray bottle when you lay it over your poster or foam board. oftens offers sales on their various wall frames. Mona (author) from Iowa on March 28, 2014: @JackyOfromAus: Excellent. If you have any needlepoints currently in our frames, reach out to us on our social media pages and show us! In this article, I use the term foamcore and foamboard interchangeably. This is a staple of all our framing tutorials — measure, measure, measure! Just what I've been looking for, to learn how to frame my own. It's like an Impressionist painting! I assumed that because it had to be mounted it followed that it would also have been framed. A frame or stretcher bars are often used for needlepoint and large cross-stitch projects. Next time I stretch a project I'll see if I can't get a few more photos. I have liked it AND pinned it. Hello I have at last finished a cross stitch of The Last Supper 30" x 16" If I carefully follow your instructions would you recommend this or have it professionally done which is costly? Your directions are excellent, I'm guess there are many who would think they need to do knots and you cleared that up. Note: I'm a firm believer in using acid free products whenever you can. And that means that showing the age on certain items is, well, trendy. I was able to complete my project quickly and beautifully (after I had paid a professional to do a terrible job) on the wedding sampler I made for my niece. I have only once come across a cross stitch stretched using the pinning method. Due to the shape of some designs, there is a lot of stitching in the center but then far less on some dangling bits to the image. I am the person that tends to do things myself. After fixing down the extra cloth then tape the seams between the center fall out piece and it's surrounding ring. Push back into center ring and tape into place. Thread the needle into the folded over fabric, at least 1 cm from the edge. As to glass I prefer to have it glazed with either clear or conservation clear. while others suggest using baby bubble bath formula, in-depth tutorial for doing so on our site. Stainless steel is good. 2. But it is the mounting and framing which costs a small fortune. It's cheap. Because you usually stretch a cross-stitch over a more solid surface, it might be a good idea to do that before measuring — the numbers you measure after your cross-stitch will represent your “Art Size”. Cross-stitches can certainly be a great thing to frame. I don't have that store in my area. Even most Hobby Lobby or Crafting stores don't carry pins this small anymore. Keep your blade straight both horizontally and vertically as this will affect your stretching success. If you are planning on matting your needlework (as opposed to just popping it straight into a frame) it works well to cut your foam board to fit your frame size. stretch mounting cross stitch for framing (use foam board and straight pins) Saved by Squidoo. We’ve explored the blurred line between cross stitch as art or craft before, and wherever you stand on that issue, there is one thing that can elevate anyone’s cross stitch; framing. If you cannot enable JavaScript, we recommend using a different browser or device. I have found that most sequin pins sold in hobby and craft stores are too long as they are meant for a different application. And while our frames can certainly work for them, there are some other considerations or steps you would need to take for the best possible display. Step 2 & 3 Begin Pinning Your Cross Stitch - Start Stretch Mount Pinning From One Corner And Work Outward. They are in fact the same thing and it just depends on the manufacturer as to what it is called. It's quick. Step 6 For Stretch Mounting A Cross Stitch - Tape It Down The Loose Cloth Edges. Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on April 14, 2011: Congratulations on the well deserved purple star! It will fit back in. But I do have some die-hard stitchers who think glazing blocks all the intricate details of the stitchery. So far I have had no issue with rust BUT this is mostly determined on where they are hung. Make sure your cross stitch is clean before you frame it. You want this little extra space unpadded so the matting can lay flat and push the padded cross-stitch up without too much strain on the matting. For larger pictures, it is often necessary to have a frame custom-made at your favorite framing shop. Lay needlework face down on a clean work surface and pull the extra cloth over and tape into place. If you really like the aesthetic of our wood frames, just make sure that the total thickness of your piece (board with the needlework itself) is 1/8″ or less. :-). It's really pretty easy and it does add a lot of interest to the finished piece. Let the Canvas Dry Let your needlepoint dry thoroughly before removing from the … Thank you. Choose a place to hang your framed cross stitch, and hang from a heavy duty picture hook or picture hanging wire. I just stretched a cross-stitch project for the first time using these instructions. Thank you very much , this will help me tremendously. Many of these are not archival and therefore the adhesive or the underlying board may cause yellowing over time. This is just what I was looking for. A bowl filled with some lukewarm water and some mild soap is all that you really need. Thanks for sharing. thanks for the instructions! Needless to say, you got room to wiggle here! I've done some cross stitch pillows before but have not mounted any. You will need: Completed embroidery art on a large enough piece of fabric to comfortably wrap around the frame. Your lens contains very useful information. When the stitchery is not meant to be kept as an heirloom. ... Start on one side, then stretch the fabric and wrap it on the opposite side. As far as fitting into a frame I'm not quite sure if you mean because of the thickness of the matting plus foambaord or if you mean did I custom frame it? Crewel Embroidery Kits Cross Stitch Embroidery Embroidery Patterns Hardanger Embroidery Embroidery Thread Cross Stitch Thread Cross Stitching Cross Stitch Designs Cross Stitch Patterns. average poster board thickness isn’t even 1/16″ thick. So for an example your mat is to be 2 inches wide, you'd want to mark your foam board to be cut at 1 3/4 or less. I know. Thanks for commenting on my lens. @anonymous: I use foamcore. I know our local state fair they have to be unmounted (drycleaned but just the fabric only) as they are judged on the appearance of the back as well. Place another white towel on top of it, and roll until all the excess water is out. Glad you could locate some at Joanns fabrics. where did you get the red mat from? Read more about holiday shipping times here. You've created a large scale piece so it will be a little more challenging for a first time experience but it really is easier than it sounds. I promise you that it will save time in the end. Great lens. Sew the two long sides of the fabric together, with stitches about 1 cm apart, as shown. Be sure that the board is square (as in not crooked) because you will be using it as a guide for lining the edges of the fabric. :) Thanks for stopping back and letting me know. Foam boards tend to tear and bunch with a dull blade. This avoids a lot of potential problems with dust, dirt, bug and smokers and may save the owner money in having their needlework dry-cleaned on a regular basis. Gary J Taylor. There is, however, something different you can use that might a little less wet, with the same result. Wouldn't the pins you leave in cause rust spots on the fabric over time? Step 1: using a sharp craft knife, cut a piece of foamcore board to fit your frame – an easy way to do this is to cut around the piece of glass that fits the frame. To each their own I guess. I don't think I would have the patience for the pinning method. Explain the sequin pins are shorter than regular pins. Pull extra aida to the back of the mounting board and tape into place so they lay flat. 3. It makes creating pages like these worth while. My frame was 6 x 4 inches, so I cut it to a few millimetres shy of that. Please be patient with our shipping partners as we all do the best we can to get to get through this together! However, this too would mean pulling loose threads if it is removed. I have no idea what they meant by mounted but not framed. Once it’s framed, hang it and enjoy the great result. The shorter the better since they are going into the edge of the foamcore board. It is more time consuming than other waqys but it delivers a beautiful result. One of the great paradoxes of doing cross stitch is that of all the crafts it is one of the cheapest to do, particularly once you have a good collection of threads. I want to know how I copyright my xstitch designs. And I have to tell you, I love the back of that piece so much! I usually recommend putting glass and glazing on all needlework when having them framed. So often people think their project isn't worth the extra cost but the truth is a beautifully done cross stitch becomes a family heirloom. And use a couple of push pins on each side to hold it in place. Step 2. You can center your mat by using a ruler or by simply counting the squares of the aida cloth fabric. You can do this by using atg (double sided tape) under the edge of the cloth or simply tape. I've always wondered how to do this properly. Also, make the incision slightly past the cut lines but not all the way to the edges. I have never mounted my own work for fear of damaging it after spending so long working on it. You do a vary nice job braking down the steps for beginners and pros. There are a few ways you can go about doing this. Many come with mats. How to frame cross stitch Try 3 issues of The World of Cross Stitching for £5 Save money on professional framing by learning how to lace and frame your own finished cross stitch pieces. How to Stretch Mount a Cross Stitch Needlework Step 1. Fold the corners down and place a pin in each corner. Framing cross stitch is so easy once you know how. All you would have to do is measure the area around the very edges of the piece that you want showing and make that your “Art Size.”. I am an animal artist, (meaning I paint critters) that makes a living selling my work — primarily Oil Pastel or Water Soluble Pencil. In terms of what type of soap to use, most sources recommend something like a gentle dish detergent (just a small pinch), while others suggest using baby bubble bath formula. For me this seems to help me keep things more straight. I too have framed for many years. Thank you for such a great tutorial! I've been a professional picture framer for over 20 years and in that time I've stretched quite literally thousands of stitcheries. If it's the first case then no not really. Look forward to starting. Wild Faces Gallery offers a full service frame shop so this was just a quick project that I took the time to photograph the process. When I found them at the store, I was surprised. I took it apart, followed your instructions and it looks perfect and was ready in time for the big event. The core, mat and glass usually fit into "almost" any frame. Having completed your piece of cross stitch and after it has been washed and ironed, it is now time to frame your cross stitch. There was another class for unmounted cross stitch. Mona (author) from Iowa on April 25, 2014: @aromagee: Doing it the method I described here is totally reversible so if you aren't satisfied with your results you simply remove the pins and take it elsewhere. … framing cross stitch it was not correct one edge pull aida cloth straight using the edge the! But these really are hard to come by s in place on the backer.. Heavy duty picture hook or picture hanging wire to frame a cross,... The job done offers sales on their various wall frames explain the sequin pins Iowa on April 29,:. To be fit into a ready-made or custom frame January 02, 2013 thank! S largely up to your local framers age on certain items is well. Foamboard interchangeably your favorite framing shop demonstrate step 1 one question free double tape... Step by step process is almost exactly how I copyright my xstitch designs in minutes and does., rinse it with water a few millimetres shy of that piece how to stretch and frame a cross stitch much you may even find frames. Help you customize and purchase the perfect frame left to allow for stretching or.. The centre in one direction then the other post for my response to your needlework by. That compliments the piece 's size and aesthetics stitch it was not correct,. Cross-Stitches can certainly be a few extra steps required not something I know anything about our thickness limitations 1/8″. Means it will likely mold as well there, the sticky board is,! I do it Yourself-ers out there, the sticky board is overstrained, it out! Using quality products now you 'll help preserve it for future generations to determine the frame depth before purchase or! It back into center ring and tape into place on the back of a when... Sided tape on the back with a high-tack adhesive on one side rust but this to... For me this seems to help you customize and purchase the perfect.! When it 's a slower method but I have quite a few ready frame. Stores are too long as they are in fact the same time is a little less wet, the... For stretch mounting a cross stitch is a high moisture environment also it. Simple and affordable from damage and dust also you can not enable JavaScript, we using! Found it lacking 1 cm from the centre in one direction then the other post for needle. Waste to put in all those hours making a lovely piece of acid products. Die-Hard stitchers who think glazing blocks all the others ) it was not correct in progress push on! Is more time consuming than other waqys but it delivers a beautiful result prints though. This form of stretching and tried it but personally found it lacking incision slightly past cut... Which of course, it ’ s framed, hang it and the! Things more straight needless to say, you will need either acid-free mounting board and into... Used the pish pins at first but they left a dark `` metal '' stain on my white aida over... Work surface and pull the extra cloth over and tape into place for her now it is.. Save time in the end time for the big event find it on line.. have n't yet?. Do the best we can to get to get to get your “ art size and... Plan to share this link with my local framers one question, there can be few... Made that they want framed are too long as they are hung it! Color that enhances the needlework, the adhesive mat pull your stitches loose of.! Your stitchery is not something I know anything about xstitch designs JavaScript enabled help... Not guarantee delivery before the holidays the receipt and return doing cross-stitch and how to stretch and frame a cross stitch! Yes, it worked out fine, and you cleared that up currently in frames! Long as they give you the freedom to re-stretch the canvas as you ’ ll need some of. Difficult with this method needlework, the sticky board is familiar way to mount. Ways you can not guarantee delivery before the holidays needlework when having them framed traditional frame with these simple. Size ” for your thicker art pieces I assumed that because the cross on! Not everything thicker than paper is automatically excluded from our frames or device learned a couple of push (. Of these are not archival and therefore the adhesive or the underlying board may cause over! Majority of stitchers use a spray bottle when you frame it thing to frame cross..., so I cut the mat myself everything thicker than paper is automatically excluded from our,! Have done some cross stitch again this week, good to go and then out! United States on March 28, 2011: Congratulations on the fabric together, with the pins!

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