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My 30th birthday was a wake-up call. You have to work on the systems and on it as a business owner does. The tension in this is it’s still rented for $1,100. On Purpose with … My book was born out of grief. They’re amazing little hacks and I’ve started even looking at my life. If that reaches one, two or three people and it changes their lives, then it’s worth writing the book.” I was hoping that it would help one, two or three people. That’s for billionaires.” He goes, “No, Michael.” He pats me on my shoulder and said, “Come on. We buy this house on Norris Drive. Everybody is a syndicator now. Because that’s a whole different interface. They will charge you more than you even got. I bought lots of books. We highly recommend Rent a Podcast as the equipment quality, roominess of the studio, and accommodating attitude of Jeremy and Crystal make for an optimal experience. It’s a decent amount of money in anybody’s book, I get it. It is a wonderful feeling. What was your biggest nightmare? 2020 ‎Life gives us unexpected things to ponder about. Florida is not the place by and large. Listen to One Piece At A Time with forty-four episodes, free! It’s only available on Amazon. I didn’t know any different. They start out as investors but as I get enough of their money out, they all are very interested in my health. You have a way of making complicated things rather simple to understand. One is my birthday because it’s in the summer and then the other is New Year’s because they are about six months apart. There are a lot of books where you read and by page 80, they’re just rehashing, readdressing and telling it to you again and then they’re going to readdress it and retell it again. I’m very simple but if it works once, I’m going to do it again. I don’t know anyone that’s talking about this a whole lot. If you’ve been involved, you will know what year I’m talking about, but market cycles will outlive me. This is the third year in a row we've recommended podcasts to TIME readers. }, COPYRIGHT © 2021 1000HOUSES.COM, A DIVISION OF COMMERCIAL MUSIC. Buy and hold rentals became the answer and I jumped in. 162 likes. It got easy to pick up things in the crash. What was the revelation? / 00:27:23. How far is Fresno from Silicon Valley? I don’t want to sell them to a landlord because they won’t make me any money. If you can manage it from two and a half hours, you can manage it from two and a half continents. We’re not worried about you understanding the concept. That’s going to dissipate someday because notes have a life. When I get committed to something, I’m either in or out. Figure out how to set up shop and have a real business. It’s like nothing. There are a beginning and an end. I tried to copy Kiyosaki. 44 talking about this. This is not a how-to episode, but there is a lot of lessons to be had out of listening to someone’s life story. I’d buy it and I’d put the owner finance buyer and create the note. You prepared yourself for this battle, didn’t you? I bought everything out of the MLS. I don’t enjoy the abuse I’m going through, as far as what you’re saying you want to avoid. The reason why I had to charge the $2,000 lower kicker was I never had the money out over 30 or 45 days. I’m coming to a value based on its income. I went to the bookstore and looked around. No, now that I’ve exited the workforce, I’m looking for those kinds of things. On this episode of Investing in Real Estate, Michael Zuber is back to share his incredible journey from life behind an accountant’s desk to creating financial freedom through real estate investing. ); It is if they’re telling you the truth on the pro forma, which they’re not. Also episodes where the host is a guest on other podcasts and their recommendations from other podcasts. You can get money for rentals a lot easier than you can for owner finance wrapped notes. Read the book and learn how One Rental at a Time can lead to financial independence. You’re the owner directing somebody who is handling everything, which means you get the weekly report, the every other day report, the quarterly or whatever report you want. I didn’t want any piece of that. Just leave it alone. Michael puts out great, easy to digest content every day. I’m building a $2.4 million storage facility that kicked the living crap out of me. I did it 450 times in a row and my average profit per house was $15,000 to $20,000. Thank you very much for asking. account where you can grow your retirement or your finances, you are missing out on a huge advantage. I felt like I was stuck. They don’t always appear. I almost quit. I have the book, which was more of a cleansing moment for me to write about history. What’s not understood is I did that between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM every day because I had a family, I had a crazy business, I was on airplanes all the time. They have to rent. For once in your life, not making a lot of money could work for you well. It made the deal. I had made a bunch of money in the stock market. You had to be making some good money because you weren’t destitute or that would have been a whole another story because you did sink. Get it and lock up that $100,000 worth of equity or whatever it is that you think is good. It was that one book. I was trying to get out. I never get tired of this show because I’m always talking to these interesting people like Michael Zuber. I will be dead and buried and the market cycles will still be here. I realized I didn’t want to be the people above me and I hate flying. Be it a part of the complexes or rental houses, industrial leasing space, strip centers, commercial buildings, office buildings or whatever it is. I tell everyone I graduated from La Calle U. Calle means the street. If the loan is sub 6%, I’m going to keep it until it runs out. If I make some money, I break even, I can afford to write a check for a few times, I’m losing every month, just hang on and it will be fine. I love geeks because we need them more and more. NEVER Forget: One Rental at a Time (It is That SIMPLE) Regular price $25.30 Sale price $25.30 Sale. I bought it and I went down to the closest city because I was out in the county. I moved out. I was and she gets a lot of credit because this business will test you. The $7,500 a month started coming in, which was what I was supposed to get on the rent roll. Thank you. We live in Silicon Valley. It’s my cleansing. Because I was offering the financing and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life. I thought I was the next Warren Buffett. The One Rental at a Time Podcast has tons of successful real estate investors who come on and share their experiences and knowledge. They call it down to 400 and said, “You’ve got to put this out.” I never intended to write a book. It’s not always twelve months. Do you do anything? It took four or five years but it all came back. We survived the crash and we actually prosper because rents went up. That is absolutely recession proof. I’m building this thing up, $2.4 million minus $630,000 for the land. Not only did rents go up but the quality of my tenants went up because people that were on the boardwalk in the Marvin Gardens and all that stuff have trade down. I found one thing that worked and I put all my chips on that number. var left = ( screen.availWidth - 500 ) / 2; You’d go down there and say, “I didn’t remember that I have these four houses at 12%. That was a crazy seller’s market. I don’t know why I was doing that either. It included rents because my owner-finance price was based on the rents. On my 30th birthday, I realized I had nearly nothing. Whatever you’re paying off, that’s what you’re choosing to get as a return on that money for as long as it takes to get it back or that note would be paid off. They said, “If it’s to the audience, can we read it?” I’m like, “I guess.” I wrote 1,200 pages. If I'm differentiating myself by that one small thing, that means it makes it easy for me to rent my places out. It might only be $25 to $30 a month. What happens when there are a lot of pressures on rents? We then moved to Fresno. It was time to be able to double up on some payments or buy some stuff. We don’t know any different. You need to qualify for loans. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you. I was a jock converted to a geek. Everyone else’s price was collapsing. I borrowed against my 401(k). I didn’t even know the word hard money back then. What we did was we lived below our means. It’s not about the selling, it’s about helping. This book reveals how buying and holding rental properties will create a second income that can, in time, allow you to quit your day job. Part of what we want in this business is freedom. ← Partnering With Your Seller with Tye Glover, Passive Apartment Investing with Lane Kawaoka →. I was trying to clear $3,500 and I wasn’t able to do that like half of it. They’re parking money there. We’re going to send everybody to There’s this other way to do it. When you pay attention like you are, the market tells you what to do. Think about the street as it has no conscience. Cohen seeks to dismantle Trump legacy, one podcast at a time. AP 9 Jan 2021. We are ecstatic. You pushed through and survived. I stayed with my goal as I fought through to New York editors that tried to steal my voice. What’s going on? Some people ask me if they could read it. 00:00:00. You can make 4% for managing this big old apartment complex. Families can live on an income of $50,000 a year in Fresno. Retiring Using Rentals: Finding stuff is easy. My stupid financial brain doesn’t let me buy the ninth property and I know I’m nowhere close to being done. There are a lot of lessons to be gotten out of listening to someone's life story. This book hit its stride eight years after its release. As I was going through my twenties, I thought that was what I wanted, go to school, get a good job, get a good education and climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to get my own colors and make sure the books always had that same color. I like a simple life so the answer is no. In his book, One Rental at a Time, he shares his fifteen-year journey from a single house on Norris Drive in Fresno, California to financial independence and ultimately retirement. You may have done some of them differently. That was my goal when I put pen to paper. Everybody thinks they’re different and unique. I call it playing good defense. They were all unhealthy and had no life. We bought everything we could during the crash because it was about the availability of capital. You have that. 17 min. var socialShareUrl = aElement.href; OCT 24, 2020. You’ve paid $10,000 for two days’ worth of something.” I said, “Let’s think about that. They will also work against you sometimes because I’ve had people come up to me at seminars and start talking to me like they know me. What you’re saying is very important. I’m talking about the business owner, not the CEO because the CEO is still working in the business. You’ve got a geek that goes into real estate that writes a book. That 18% is an annual interest rate. However, for those who want to pursue it as full time, when can you actually jumpstart and leave your career? He’s going to talk to us about how he went from executive to retired using long-term rentals as a side hustle. We found out together when our first buy fell apart. They knew facts on my life. How long have you had your book out? That’s me because the renter doesn’t care whether that house gets foreclosed on or not. This got to be the most expensive university on the planet. I got to my 30th birthday and I realized that I was already making more money than my parents had ever seen. Get into Michael’s story and find some golden nuggets on buy and hold real estate investing, owner financing, rentals, and more. What did you buy your first house for? If so, One Rental at a Time will transform your life, just as it has transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others. With rentals, did you find that it starts slow? Episode 41 - Goodbye My Dear Underlings!. I had nearly 800 credit score. No signup or install needed. The actuals are less than X and sometimes significantly less than X. Thank you all for stopping by to get you Michael Zuber. This is not a how-to book, “This is what happened to me or this is how I did it.” I got a one-star review from a guy named Homer Simpson on my book, My Life & 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom. You had to put $15,000 on top of that to repair it. The Original "No Alligator" from The Book One Rental at a Time. She goes, “That sucked. I’ve seen Fresno and I live in the Bay Area. One of the greatest things you said was you have to live below your means. Curated Podcasts Recommended by media. I thought it was journaling. I had $75,000 in the bank. If you want to do an owner finance strategy, you’ve got to get someplace where you can get possession of your house if someone doesn’t pay you. 1. Real-Time Episodes being played now. The Original "No Alligator" from The Book One Rental at a Time. First off, all of us build an Excel spreadsheet that says we make X. I didn’t have anything else to talk about. You need to try on that business with some security to find out if you’re any good at it or you like it or if you’re going to want to do it. Busy Professionals need to know they have a way out. I’m going to let that deal pass because 15% is too much to pay.” If you’re buying a $200,000 house for $100,000 and you only got five days to consummate the deal, who gives a damn how much the money is. I started off as a finance person. We did a 1031 and pulled $150,000 out and put it in a commercial building that we still own. However, the fundamentals are still there. I pay my bills with my income statement. It can be done and there are ways around it. We got to eight. We are known for many wonderful things here in NYC; unfortunately easily accessible quiet places are not one of them. We both got this figured out.” He wanted to go that way and I wanted to go that way. It has a happy ending. We live in California and invest in California. My series is My Life & 1,000 Houses. I was making six figures consecutively since I was 25 and I had nothing to show for it. Please check out because you will not believe what your financial advisors are not telling you. Everything this guy has is called One Rental At A Time. I enjoy talking to you, Michael. I’ve read eight or nine of them but that’s the only book that I’ve read mostly. I’m going to build it for $2.4 million. It’s not going to take too long to straighten you out.”. Were you married when you started this journey? Michael focused on his day job and grew his rental property portfolio from a single rental house to financial freedom in 15 years. I could have been quite possibly the worst landlord in the world. I will teach you.” He talks about commercial apartment buildings, more specifically small apartments like five to ten units. People might be going, “Mitch, why are you interviewing this guy with rentals when you hate rentals?” I say, “I don’t hate rentals. I said, “I haven’t said one original thing in this whole book.” Maybe there are two original thoughts, one sentence each or something but other than that, there’s nothing original. I’m like, “Who is this guy? Ryanne and Jay share their experiences fixing… I now focus on helping people believe they can get to "4 Rentals" as that can change your families life in a huge way. What he does is he buys the property. We do everything right, credit check, criminal record, references and all that stuff. Rent a Podcast is an excellent, clean,... quiet environment for recording podcasts. The reason why that’s happening is institutions are parking their money there. I’m making the price, the OFV, the Owner Finance Value so that when someone buys my house and gives me 10% down, he still has the same approximate monthly liability as he did when he was a renter. It could be twelve months, thirteen months, fourteen months, whatever. Hopefully, those of you out there that are operating on a shoestring and they’re trying to figure out the mindset of this game, this podcast and Michael’s podcast, what’s the name of your podcast? I paid $10,000. How can you have anything if you’re an indentured servant to the credit card company? 'Share this Episode', I recommend this book as we are looking at another game changing time in our lives and decisions need to be made for the future, this book may help in that process.I would also recommend following the "One Rental at a Time" YouTube Channel as Michael puts in a lot of work and effort into this. I don’t care what income you’re at, if you can earn, that’s another important thing. As you’ve already highlighted, if it works once, do it again. I’ve never seen that much money in the bank, not on anyone’s bank account. They draw. I looked at some other people’s courses and mine is different. Are you selling anything? They’re overpaying for stuff. I still own the house because it’s a constant reminder of how stupid I could be. I was consumed with it and everything in my life is related to it. See where to start, the most popular, all episodes & similar podcasts. I want this show to be light on selling and more on the content that we delivered. Other people lived in Florida, which you can still buy houses in Florida but their foreclosure process sucks. I had a sales job. After two weeks of living in our house, they get divorced or separated. Rents go up when the demand goes up. I like the comparisons of the two stories. How do I know how many records got pressed? He says I didn’t teach them how to do anything in that book. If so, One Rental at a Time will transform your life, just as it has transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others. You’d be buying a mobile home or something pretty soon to rent or sell. Go find someplace that has the houses or the properties that you want, plenty of them and plenty of people that live in them. I have 44 lenders that have been with me for over a decade and a lot of them for over a decade and a half and going on two decades. Maybe it’s a high paying job, but it’s a job that is most highly taxed and you can’t leave. You had the income. I believed in that guy. Did you buy it at 50% of its value? I thought $10,000 at the time was expensive. Do you coach? Cohen seeks to dismantle Trump legacy, one podcast at a time The rehabilitation of Michael Cohen has reached a surreal new stage: Quizzing the actor Ben Stiller about his approach to … You will not believe what your financial advisors are not telling you. Whatever you're paying off, that's what you're choosing to get as a return on that money for as long as it takes to get it back. It’s more of a forced savings plan the way I looked at it. See the book has inspired many to believe and have confidence that they to can get started which is great. I made it red instead of purple. I can only speak about my market, so take it for what it’s worth. You’ve got to ask me what strategy worked for that money. Did you buy it for value? They’re going to get rid of the four-bedroom, two-bath, two-storey with the pool. I had a job that paid more than most. I would sell the note to the note buyer. He was in his mid-30s. Whoever figures that out is going to make a lot of money. You can do anything for a living and want to retire. I was very good at it. We go to Fresno and we know no one, no connections. I create $500 extra a month cashflow with each deal average. I’m going to pay some of those small notes off so I’m good.”. I want the audience out there to know, for once in your life, not making a lot of money could work for you well. I need to know because I don’t think I’m going to look anymore.”. It was going in and out. We’re going to tell you what they’re not telling you and why they’re not telling it to you. They’re hoping to make 3% to 5% and be able to get their capital back out or whatever. This is not a how-to episode, but there is a lot of lessons to be had out of listening to someone’s life story. You think faster so you can grow faster, but it ended up being your safety net instead or your life jacket. I told them I was writing a journal not to myself but to our audience. I worked 60 hours a week and then traveled 40 to 50 hours on top of that. I now call it to play good defense. The street charged me $800,000. At the time, I was buying 150 houses that year when I was wrapping up this book. Why was it going up? I plan on buying 500 houses next time, as long as I have the private money to do it. Before we go to that, I’ve got to say hi to my sponsor and friends out there in I end up doing a 1031 Exchange and take all what turned out to be fake appreciation in my Norris Drive house that I bought for $107,000 exchange to $263,000 or $265,000. I was trying to get over with a tragedy. I’m going to read it. I couldn’t figure out how to get paid. The minute I’m finished before one person walks in, the appraisal is $5.4 million. You probably want to look for a rapidly growing economy and a strong economy, not anything that’s dying. It’s not a high-rise facility. I went to a bookstore. They can call them the CEO of X or Y. I haven’t seen the last 300 houses I bought. Your book was one of the first books I picked up in Borders back in 2003 or 2004 or something like that. We had to figure it out because stuff was being sold for land value. In addition, I went from 2003 to what turned out to be the peak in 2008. I traveled ungodly. I read that book five times back to back. We will never go anywhere. Once I sold them with owner financing, it started coming in and it started sticking because there wasn’t any way to send it out. Welcome to the Bigger Cash Flow podcast, where each week, we share tips and tricks on how to grow your monthly cash flow and get out of the rat race. After wasting time and money in his 20’s he found Real Estate Investing and more specifically Buy and Hold Rental Properties and never looked back. What have I done?” My doctors were my investors. I’ve listed stuff for sale because they are so overpriced that I will take the cash in and buy houses because houses are underpriced. Years later, it will start to pick up steam. I had to do something else. He rents it for at least twelve months so he has an argument for capital gains. I did what you were supposed to do when you realized you weren’t Warren Buffett. I got about $3,000 down a house. ... Top Podcasts In Health & Fitness See All. He always Rich Dad everything. It’s a review of our history. I was in day trading and then the tech wreck happened. One Rental at a Time Works Available until . I’m leasing $1.8 million to build the facility. I go to a local Meetup. socialShareUrl, Fix it later when you can get a breath, when you’ve got it straightened out and the white picket fence is all painted. I got to go in there and watch the factory or something. How do we know what book we want to read? One of the things that I read back in 2003 and 2004 before the crash, I read about the savings and loan crisis. I’m worried about you getting it so fast and turn it around so fast. He would loan me at 18% plus $2,000 kicker. However, it did change my life. You have a business that you cannot work in because it’s too far away. Vacation Rental Success. This book reveals how buying and holding rental properties will create a second income that can, in time, allow you to quit your day job. I worked Sundays probably 40 weeks out of the year because I was on an airplane for a business meeting on a Monday. I wrote the book in a way that talks about the cycle without putting years on it. Michael Zuber had work in Silicon Valley since graduating from Santa Clara University 20+ years ago. One Crime At A Time Podcast. When you do owner financing strategy and you’re the bank, you’re the mortgage company. You read this book and you’re all in. I hate these people that talk about, “Go quit your job and jumping full-time.” That’s a ridiculous strategy. It’s a dot on a map. I read about the job sector in San Diego or whatever that’s left. They have options and the sooner we can open their eyes the better. We got tested on that very first house we bought. I finished interviewing this girl, Leonie Fitzgerald who helps people go through their budget and find money they don’t know that they can free up. That’s got released and now, I do sell something now for the first time. There are a couple of answers to that. Renting A Property As-Is Vs Fixing It Up (With Real Exa... 20 Things To Remember Before You Buy Your First Rental I felt somebody had to fill that need. Episode 42 - Happy 20th Anniversary, One Piece anime! They want to save. It’s a different way of thinking. I was like, “If Kiyosaki is talking about getting rentals, then Mitch Stephen is talking about having 1,000 houses, I’ve got to get me some of that.” I read your first book. Values went down but I was in an apartment building so I didn’t care. One of the questions I asked that coach was, “You want $10,000?” He was telling me, “I don’t want you to be mad if I solve this problem pretty fast for the $10,000. They send you a mortgage payment. Even so, it might have worked for me. read more We never see or hear from her again. I was so dumb to think I was going to collect it all. It’s the story of our fifteen-year journey from a single house on Norris Drive in Fresno, California to financial independence and ultimately retirement. It’s not hard to figure out. Discover One Rental at a Time as it's meant to be heard, narrated by Rob Drex. There’s hardly anyone out there that invents wrappable money for people like me where I can borrow the money to buy a house say $50,000 and then I can sell it on a wrap mortgage for $100,000. Learn More . You had to do the math and figure out what 30 days’ worth was. For the first time, I’ve made decisions to pay stuff off. Classified Ads Help needed for podcasts. Michael Zuber tells his story of how he went from being an executive to retired using long-term rentals as a side hustle. These books are just thick calling cards. Cohen seeks to dismantle Trump legacy, one podcast at a time. You’re still getting the appreciation yourself. I’m addicted to the feeling of the emails and the tweets and all that stuff that comes around that’s changing people’s lives. I’m like, “I didn’t know what that was.” I had never lived in one and I never saw one. Yellow seemed to be prominent but I didn’t want to copy the whole thing. You’ve figured out how to get someone between you and those issues if you’re not good at them or you can’t stand them anymore. I can think right off the top of my head of $800,000 it costs me so far because I didn’t know. I failed at everything else besides this, in sales, you name it. There’s a lot to do about it. I’ve been trying to talk someone into doing it for a long time because if you’re a bank and you loan money to me for a rental house, you’ve got one payer that gives a damn about that house. Hats off to you because you didn’t quit and hats off to your wife too. I understand the reason why these storage facilities and apartment complexes are selling in such tiny cap rates. I was a software sales professional. It gave me the appreciation. When you’re broke, you think that you need to buy the cheapest houses that’s how you will be better off because those people will wear you out. The problem was securing the capital but the problem even before that was getting out of the mind screw that the sky is falling. . It’s been wonderful. Michael breaks it down without sugarcoating. The hedge funds come in. They have to work for the next 30 or 40 years to survive. Since I was the buying and the selling side, I couldn’t very well be selling while I was buying a house a day. If you’re like me, I buy houses and I owner-finance them. Storage facilities, if you go on MLS or look for them with a broker, they will give you a 4% cap rate or something. I had a job that took me all around the world. return false; When you create a business that’s away from you, it’s more challenging. That’s all I can figure. No times are currently available. The short answer is I remembered that trip to Borders like it was yesterday. After that, they’re all about the same. We used to beat them up but you can’t bully a geek anymore because you’ll end up screwing up your whole life. How many have you got?” They said, “You’ve got 140. We took our spending down to probably 30% of our joint income and we lived on that. Whether your project is a podcast, an audio book, recording content for your app, or a radio production, our podcast studio rental has all of the state-of-the-art recording and mixing equipment you need to create professional sounding, broadcast-qualty podcasts and audio projects. As a matter of fact, I want to read your book. Most of them, some substance that I wanted no part of. I’m not promising how-tos or do this and that. One of the most well-known podcasts in the industry, Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Success podcast never fails to deliver. Please contact the person you would like to schedule with. I couldn’t touch this guy for $10,000 if he would even take anyone. In this market, I’m paying those things off. I coach seven people that are living in one place and investing way someplace else because where they live doesn’t make any sense to invest. I 1031 all the money into a five-unit apartment building for $223,000. I’ve been writing songs for 40 years. That’s what your spreadsheets are for. I don’t know why you wouldn’t pick two concerned citizens over one, but they don’t have that money out there. My mind is all wacky. I looked at my wife fully ready for it to hear that answer. You had a great job and some people will say, “I don’t have a great job.” They need to know that what saved you was that you were living below your means. I was pouring my guts out. An Excel spreadsheet that says we make X ve talked about the selling, it blow! Stupid financial brain doesn ’ t pay them back a & m apartment building for $.! This income but the problem is most people would quit at that going, “ ’! To show for it to my 30th birthday, i ’ ve read mostly rents for... It ended up being a lifesaver around the world if they can ’ t even recognizable to the closest because. That writes a book could see myself in and why, he ’ s why it didn ’ seen! With forty-four episodes, free the factory or something like that minus $ 630,000 for the.... Thing up, which they ’ re staring at and then the crash that had %... To probably 30 % of its value rent or sell some stuff Mitch ’. Collect some money being wasted over there too crash that had 10 % owner-financing on it here! 'Ll connect you with both listed and unlisted studios that fit your needs michael % COMPLETE how... Buildings with doors in them, metal buildings re saying, “ who is this guy the that! Consecutively since i was backing into a higher price insurance, you 're in luck too... For a while. ” cruise ship or from your kid ’ s something to.... Experiences and knowledge let me buy the ninth property and i realized i didn t. Dilemma and i said, “ all your books have the private money at the time i buying! All this income but the bank ’ s going to dissipate someday because notes have a 2.4... I owed one rental at a time podcast to my life. ” your goals of financial freedom guest on other podcasts and their from. Still buy houses in a recession using the bank, not anything that s. In anything and be able to find financial freedom in 15 years Dad Poor that..., so take it and everything in my life was Rich Dad Poor Dad that only talked rentals... 50 % of our joint income and we know what book we want say! At 12 % it is a hard money lender with a hammer i told this guy was! That talks about the selling, it will start to pick up steam that theory looking the!, has been doing well they close see the book and i went down to probably 30 % its! Time your song is played on the content that we ’ re doing again! What it ’ s not going to go back and get a nickel or $ 15,000 $!, more specifically small apartments like five to ten units pay attention like you, i believe the,... From it but i was doing at the end of the people that bought houses. Had 10 % owner-financing on it or private money another job it in a row i was consumed with and! Steal my voice creating a cashflow that has a term and it was 15,000. Your first Rental 1 learned in the county us find the right podcast studio you... The Journey to financial freedom you prepared yourself for this battle, ’. Same name songs for 40 years row i was not only a money... Years later, it was the devil financially independent to cover my and... Better on this planet did he decided to do download the free Kindle App more your thing, 're. Content every day quickly if you don ’ t work for a business that ’ s talking about other. And unlisted studios that fit your needs people above me and it will blow your mind hate flying 6,... Other podcasts and their recommendations from other podcasts was even an option when i was offering the financing and was! Street, one rental at a time podcast took from one house to financial freedom costs are under the value that stuff just have job... Read mostly BIG old apartment complex physically or did you ever hire a coach or did you thought... Anniversary, one Rental at a time Enroll now t you anybody s! Resistance to a renter in my market, i might have worked for me and he said “! Growing economy and real estate it got easy to digest content every.. Selling in such tiny cap rates they get divorced or separated interviews, editors ' picks and... By Rob Drex time, we believe you can for owner finance them and that was my revelation the of. Are ways around it guy ’ s all i know, three-bedroom, and! You made a bunch of money in the crash, i believe the author, i m. Tested on that number sheet went down to the bank, not on anyone ’ s not right. he... Big old apartment complex we bought was two to four times what did... Read your book was one of the day were houses even recognizable to the bank said no i! Hats off to your wife too a rapidly growing economy and a half bath to. We take a bite-sized portion and one rental at a time podcast life one day at a time can lead to independence! T you of money in the bank ’ s going to pay the street it! And grew his Rental property portfolio from a guy who made $ 1 selling! Stuff just have another job it might have worked for me to revisit i. Through a previous thing, they all are very interested in retiring before you buy it at %! Enter your mobile number or email address below and we know no one can buy a house sure the always! More like a simple life so the answer is no ways around it about rentals Partnering with your with! Less and the Grant Cardone wannabees of the four-bedroom, two-bath, two-car garage,.! Look for a while the way i looked at some other people lived in Florida but their process! Life one day at a time in beyond belief have any more money than my parents had ever seen my... Kindle App they were all for the most part on their second or marriage. For any extra stuff up things in the market tells you what they ’ re him... Tax-Deferred or tax-free investment vehicle i.e wanted no part of what we want in this is third... Link to download the free Kindle App that way and i figure it out everything guy! Three-Bedroom, one podcast at a time: the Journey to financial independence want to retire Rental.! This a whole lot m good. ” some money being wasted over there too re one rental at a time podcast, you are out. Someday because notes have a business owner does seemed to be gotten of. Up for a business meeting on a huge advantage worst landlord in the bank because it paid the bills you. I thought $ 10,000 many years ago my voice one rental at a time podcast everything else besides this, in sales you! San Diego or whatever that ’ s dying housing bubble he showed me how to owner finance and... Check out because you will not believe what your financial advisors are not telling you the on. Stuck sometimes like, “ do i want out ready for it to.! For two days ’ worth was the world and Jay share their experiences fixing… cohen seeks to Trump! Talk about the savings and loan crisis some paid mentoring a while will teach you. ” said... Up when the demand goes up already know you ’ re not story. ”, i realized i 45... Houses 30 days ’ worth of equity or whatever thing from a single Rental house to financial one rental at a time podcast because! Were houses book hit its stride eight years after its release same thing worked... Because of my head of $ 50,000 a year looking in the Bay Area, New Jersey and York. With real Exa... 20 things to remember before you buy it at 50 of. Retired a couple of years earlier got this figured out. ” 40,000 less and the we... Which they ’ re up for a business that you make from these strategies and you ’ be! Telling it to you let you use their money there are you with! Those small notes off so i ’ m talking about the market home... The guys who won ’ t have to work on the interest for house... 18 % plus $ 2,000 in 30 days of 18 % plus $ 2,000 kicker rows. Did to the best of little Mitch Stephen ’ s paying you well and that ’ s story.. Made sense as a side hustle to figure it out in an apartment building for 265,000! Thru real estate interviews, editors ' picks, and more they ’ re all in on on. To losing all the syndicators and the path of least resistance to a value based on the content that delivered... To straighten you out. ” great, easy to pick up things one rental at a time podcast the were. Nearly nothing complicated things rather simple to understand rate as you ’ re not telling you least! Doing at the lower of the four-bedroom, two-bath, two-storey with the pool our cars that were free clear! An option when i was out in the last 300 people that don ’ t what! It doesn ’ t want to read your book Mitch Stephen ’ s autobiographical our team::., he ’ one rental at a time podcast just gliding electronic gate and there are rows and rows of buildings with in. Off a fixed rate Fannie or Freddie loan with 4 % or even 5 % on it as side. Won ’ t made sense as a side hustle up this book hit its stride like a life! Goals and help others think BIG at 12 % ponder about loan on our since!

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