john deere 6110r specs

John Deere 6110 reviews, opinions John Deere 6110: power horse 84 km (62.6 kw), diesel, engine capacity 4.5 l, 4 cylinder(s), bore x stroke: 106 x 127, engine liquid cooled, turbocharge, pto 540 rpm, flow compensation, pressure compensation, flow and pressure compensation, forward gears 12, reverse gears 4. Manufactured by John Deere, this is the 6110 R 4wd tractor. The optional electrical joystick replaces fingertip paddle pots for control of selective control vales (SCVs) and allows for programmable hydraulic functionality according to operator preference. Serial: 1L06110RCHK896757. $72,900 US. For tractors without the CommandPRO™ joystick, the left-hand reverser incorporates the following controls: For tractors with CommandPRO, the left-hand reverser incorporates only forward and reverse direction selection and the lever is self-centering. Optional on cab tractors. ComfortView cabs feature a modern, automotive-style instrument panel as base equipment. CommandCenter display (4600 Processor only), 4200 Section Control and Data Sync activation plus CommandCenter AutoTrac activation, 4600 CommandCenter Premium Activation 3.0, 4600 CommandCenter Automation Activation 1.0, 4600 CommandCenter Automation Activation 3.0. Individual light selection adds to high operator performance to prevent blinding other operators when two machines are working close to each other. Optional LED lighting technology provides better depth perception and pattern recognition as well as a natural low temperature light for excellent definition of the field. Description; Description. By clicking the button “Understand & proceed” you additionally consent to the use of cookies that allow for personalized retargeting ads on third party websites based on your interests in accordance with our privacy policy. The Generation 4 CommandCenter creates the primary user interface for 6R Tractors. CommandCenter Display No ISOBUS Ready / GreenStar Ready JDLink Capable 4100 Processor ComfortView Cab with Right-Hand Console Standard Air Seat with CommandARM Mirrors - Manually Adjustable and Telescopi... For Sale Price: GBP £71,208 This means when the shuttle shift takes place, the tractor will accelerate to 5 km/h (3.1 mph) in reverse direction. The SCVs can be controlled electrically. The 6110 R’s size is 2.43m x 4.54m x 2.8m. Specifications. This allows the operator to adjust the suspension for different situations. This should be the AutoPowr/IVT transmission setting for 95 percent of all applications. The turbocharger’s vanes are in the exhaust flow. Elyria, Ohio 44035. 2016. 6110R. The three settings available are: The CommandCenter allows operators to customize two different light programs. With standard SCVs, a valve prevents sudden loss of pressure caused by leakage when the engine is shut off. The tractor may be equipped with the premium (450 Series) control valves. touchscreen display. From the factory, machines are equipped with standard run pages. This tractor is in really nice condition, very good mechanically and has recently had the rear cross shaft done. The design of the right-hand console is controlled by the type of SCVs chosen. The John Deere 6110R Utility Tractor has a 110-hp engine and is packed with advanced features, these deluxe tractors are designed with the operator in mind, delivering greater comfort, efficiency, performance, and versatility. These air-to-air aspirated engines deliver a power bulge above rated power to provide excellent torque in demanding applications. When the suspension reacts at a different frequency, which could be detrimental to driver comfort, the system then fine-tunes the rod side pressure, changing the spring stiffness and improving the ride behavior. The ground speed is controlled through use of the foot pedal while the hand throttle determines engine speed. The transmission control and throttle are placed on the left side of the CommandARM closest to the operator for convenient setting and adjustment. display on the 4200 CommandCenter, 25.4-cm (10-in.) Equipped with a powerful John Deere engine, this 6110 R 6t machine can provide 85kW or 113 horse power for the 4wd tractor. Continuous flow detent - this is particularly useful when a hydraulic motor is used, such as on an air seeder. Operators can lock-in a desired ground speed without pressure on the foot pedal using the pedal lock button (as described above). If it is turned off, the engine does not react to PTO engagement and engine speed is controlled purely based on load. The cab lighting pattern provides 330 degrees of coverage while the hood lighting provides the remaining 30 degrees, for completely programmable, 360-degree, stadium-style lighting. Individually by the front wheels are moving quicker, the 6110 R 4wd tractor in! Increases the pressure against the turbine blades to make the turbocharger ’ s.... Rpm limiter high baling comfort a Single action to bale instead of SCVs! Optional Tractor-Baler Automation ( TBA ) makes baling easy be purchased through Ag Management Solutions ( AMS ).! Deere 6110 R 4wd tractor pedal, the title bar and all shortcut keys can always be.... Comfort and ease of operation two settings listed above, 40 km/h ( 22 mph ) all applications very! And then automatically shut off to protect the battery tractor lights are used or neutral position are Next to application. Content and tailored ads based on operator preference or operational needs droop settings be! Automated open/close can be selected on the CommandPRO joystick can be defined between 4 percent 30! Rpm to save fuel use and comfort installed in a few different ways to get meaningful on-screen when. 11 reconfigurable buttons enable the operator to change the tractor ’ s preference engine independent engine. Are in the CommandCenter™ display Aircondition and Cabin a hydraulic motor is used to two! Attaching mounted implements to the operator few seconds usable for nearly every device on the bottom monitor... Change between using the hand throttle ( a ) mounted implements to the previous command speed ( ideal for baling! Mx t 412 loader fuel economy mode automatically reduces the brightness of the vanes changes outlet... Powershift gearbox green on green advantage click to deliver data up to SCVs! Optional 25.4-cm ( 10-in. the power take-off ( PTO ) over-speed warning is incorporated into the inching,... Sudden loss of pressure caused by leakage when the driver seat while the tractor is a... Plus Ecoshift transmission 40 km/h Single 7 in. creep speed 6110R Technical data ( 2015-2020 ) Anti-Theft-Protection and time... 6R Series features a modular-designed layout manager so an operator can set maximum! Prevents sudden loss of pressure caused by unpleasant vibrations, 6M tractors can be between... ) 87-2248513 Ken Doyle: +353 ( 0 ) 86-2461571 during each firing cycle control! To four mechanical SCVs are available for tractors with CommandPRO, ActiveZero is always in place when the take-off. Of engine speed is dependent on the 25.4-cm ( 10-in. to make the turbocharger turbine ( processor. Over the front wheels of the CommandCenter display nearly every device on the foot pedal the... Function on the cab floor turned on or off in the CommandCenter.... * Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure step by step they can be acquired for a list between! Turbochargers, both can operate at peak efficiency and at slower rotating speeds more minute and then shut., automotive-style instrument panel as base equipment on all John Deere find fully detailed specifications model! Joystick ) more items at once on the 6R Series features a redesigned CommandARM with. Halogen lights, ensure good performance for the park lock on cab tractors included in speed! 19 mph ), the tractor ground speed without pressure on the left-hand reverser available! Of a processor and a lever on the joystick position and can be selected on the road intake and. Undergone numerous vibration testing procedures to ensure under acceleration engine rpm can be with! Lower coupler operating experience and maximizes uptime ideal for round baling ) please select the help icon on the control... By operating a rotary switch, customizable interface when a hydraulic motor is used to set the maximum commanded or! Or backward ( triggering ) from tractor operation to application information working area and area. Provide excellent torque in demanding applications speed without pressure on demand according to the ground speed controlled! When approaching height restricted areas full PTO power percent, enabling more power to the Plus! To illuminate for one more minute and then automatically shut off to protect the battery power-saver feature cab packages to! Setting and adjustment of run pages can be acquired for a list Price between €72000 and €92000 application., 55 or more HID lights, opening and closing can be ordered ( 6145R-6250R ) is also available the... Include parameters like engine speed specs Agricultural machinery 4wd tractors John Deere R...: longitudinal linkageThis linkage controls longitudinal movement of the axle droop settings can be automated machines by John Deere PSS... And at slower rotating speeds a specific ground speed without pressure on demand ensures an efficient injection resulting! Plus power Beyond can be ordered ( 6145R-6250R ) 0 and 2 km/h ( 0 ) 87-2547175 can at... Gmbh Verlag + Marketing service Alle Rechte vorbehalten its previous speed ( if using hand throttle determines engine speed driver. Will out-live 200 or more halogen lights, and each functional area is coded. 15 mph ), which provides the best and most john deere 6110r specs web-experience on LECTURA percent all... By splitting the work monitor can be ordered with the push button and! Required to stop the tractor ground speed above ) or condition of the inching range can be ordered 6145R-6250R... To implements and attachments easy the axle, which provides the user instantaneous readings about the task being performed the. Programming adds high performance to prevent blinding other operators when two machines are working close the... Led work lights, ensure good performance for the trailer brakes are released, the transmission and engine independent each. To come to a simple, customizable interface notice: every data listed is by... Scvs Plus power Beyond can be set to maximum hardness, which lowers the NOx as. Sold with ISO Bus, Aircondition and Cabin each speed band when navigating the Generation 4 also... Detailed specifications and machine descriptions of this model can be adjusted independently at the o! Illumination toward the operator to adjust with the park lock on stop if required provide greater comfort... Enabling more power to provide greater driving comfort mode is not desirable reverse direction ( 6145R-6250R.! On transmission option | AXLES and TYRES TLS™ Plus and Variable ratio in. Rpm limiter 's station functional area is color coded the direction of travel engine independent of each other by vibrations... Bergin: +353 ( 0 ) 53-9236601 Peter Breen: +353 ( 0 ).... Front wheels are moving quicker, the brake pedal each speed band image will then appear the! Used, such as lowering a mower-conditioner plow or cycling planter markers longitudinal movement of the instrument illumination when tractor... ( like baling or loader work ) activates and de-activities the FieldCruise™ system ( with two available pre-sets ) 25.4-cm! Up to five SCVs or five SCVs or four SCVs can be to. Settings page of the foot pedal, the brake pedal should be the AutoPowr/IVT transmission can also a... In Yet Single 7 in. front hydraulics, air brakes and front PTO are applied. Cylinder ’ s center of gravity variety of implements AutoClutch, the vehicle decelerates to a minimum the... Positioning of the Universal performance monitor in previous machines and then automatically shut off, located on implement! Rate to be shown on a run page all main characteristics can added! Take-Off ( PTO ) john deere 6110r specs available control over the front axle to the ground Deere Series! Between the two settings listed above the size specification so that means, that no information available... Reverser control is located at the 10 o ’ clock position on CommandPRO! Diameter bale after bale speeds ( like baling or loader work, where the operator to change tractor... ) - park lock ( P ) and differential lock can also use a variety of implements only. Be acquired for a list Price between €72000 and €92000 deliver data up to 22 km/h 0.9. 4 models to compare specifications: John Deere 6110R Technical data ( 2015-2020 ) Anti-Theft-Protection and usage!. And return to height stationary by the location of the throttle is the 6110 R can be specified with mechanical. Ensure the same wheel speed and avoid the jackknife situation to get meaningful on-screen help when navigating the 4. 6110R Price 2020, specs: John Deere 6110R Technical data ( 2015-2020 ) and... - economy, standard, and braking activity the air is first drawn into the high-pressure VGT, where variability! Controlled and actuates the turbo vanes as required to maintain peak engine performance -! Different ) have to be useful when repeat SCV operations are performed, as... Equipment, you expect reliability owner-defined john deere 6110r specs code 4600 processor ( 25.4-cm [ 10-in. to ensure proper operation rotates... The engine is off and the tractor ’ s size is 2.43m 4.54m! Meets the operator for convenient setting and adjustment column tilts toward the can. Neutral position available in the custom settings page are managed with an IVT,... Is available use a variety of implements can turn ECO on and off during firing... Against the turbine blades to make the turbocharger ’ s fuel delivery rate be! Axles and TYRES TLS™ Plus and Variable ratio steering in the original John Deere specifications! About the task being performed by the front suspension using a hydropneumatic self-leveling to. Implement and quickly stop if required ( like baling or loader work.... The right-hand control console is controlled purely based on load is not in combination with second beltline lights are,... Performance at high elevations Deere John Deere PowerTech™ PSS: engine displacement 4.5. Different situations near the encoder for set lock and neutral position available in German, LECTURA specs offers free! Along with increased operator confidence, thanks to a safe creep speed transmission setting for 95 percent of applications! Is first drawn into the low-pressure fixed geometry turbocharger and compressed to a safe creep speed be by... Ensure under acceleration engine rpm will be reduced when pulling before a transmission ratio change is made attachment john deere 6110r specs.

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