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Table of Contents, National Tax Journal, December 2016, 69 (4)

Spring Symposium Issue Robert D. Ebel, “A Time to Abandon the State Corporate Net Income Tax: General Business Tax Options” Danielle H. Green and George A. Plesko, “The Relation Between Book and Taxable Income Since the Schedule M-3” Fabio B. Gaertner, Stacie K. Laplante, and Daniel P. Lynch, “Trends in the Sources of Permanent and… Read more »

Table of Contents, National Tax Journal, September 2016, 69 (3)

ARTICLES Anil Kumar and Che-Yuan Liang, “Declining Female Labor Supply Elasticities in the United States and Implications for Tax Policy: Evidence From Panel Data” Andrew C. Barr and Thomas S. Dee, “Property Taxes and Politicians: Evidence From School Budget Elections” Matthew P. Steinberg, Rand Quinn, Daniel Kreisman, and J. Cameron Anglum, “Did Pennsylvania’s Statewide School… Read more »