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Scene 5. A street. As the two men fight, Donna Anna disappears to call for Don Ottavio. The opera was a wild success. Dieser kaum fassbare Held spielt mit seinen Mitmenschen und agiert nach nur einer Regel: Es lebe die Freiheit! Scene 3. Composers Operas Links Forum About. Recitativo “Orsù, spicciati presto” (“Come on now, hurry up”) from Act I, scene 4, of Mozart's, The aria “Madamina, il catalogo e questo” (“My dear lady, this is a list”); from Act I, scene 5, of Mozart's. Giovanni and Leporello overhear the lament of an abandoned woman. Sie spielt in Sevilla im 17. Oper von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in zwei Akten. They promise to bring the murderer to justice. The three—Anna, Ottavio, and Elvira—are determined to expose Giovanni to everyone. Opera work includes Don Giovanni (Royal Opera House Covent Garden), Otello (Metropolitan Opera) and Carmen (Bregenz Lake Stage). Her father defends her. The libretto was written by Lorenzo da Ponte. Giovanni promises to marry Zerlina (Duet: “Là ci darem la mano”). Once they have left, three masked figures enter the garden. Sai ch'elle per me son necessarie più del pan che mangio, più dell'aria che spiro!” Opera Atelier is currently reviving its production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni that it premiered in 2011. Pre-opening night : 8 June 2019. John McCormack as the title character in Don Giovanni, an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The final scene for Anna, Elvira, Zerlina, Ottavio, Masetto, and Leporello was probably cut. Personal offers for this show . She is shocked with this suggestion. [10], Mozart wrote most of Don Giovanni in the summer of 1787 in Vienna. They are struggling. But he detains Zerlina, to the annoyance of her fiancé, who is finally persuaded to go with the others. Die Oper wurde am 29. He tries to seduce her. He married her, and then left her. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Der Countdown läuft … Donna Anna verschweigt ihrem Bräutigam, Don Ottavio, ihr Verhältnis mit Don Giovanni. Und in der Tat gelingen Mozart hier viele unvergleichliche Meisterstücke. She thinks of her love for Don Giovanni. Zerlina comes back with Elvira and Masetto. The two women leave together. He may have had to cut the last scene to keep the performance within a certain length of time. Elvira is left alone. The new production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni is a great international co-production of the Greek National Opera with two major North-European opera houses, the Göteborg Opera and the Royal Danish Opera. Early in October, he went to Prague. Although there were hurdles and delays in bringing the opera to the stage, Don Giovanni was a great success in Prague and remained in the repertoire there for years. [16], "We sense the ultimate connection between even the most restless, passion-ridden human existence and the whole universe.' LEPORELLO Kommt, erfrischt euch, ihr artigen Burschen. Solange er lebt und atmet, wird es Don Giovanni nicht sein lassen, Jagd auf amouröse Abenteuer zu machen, auch wenn sein getreuer Diener Leporello bereits hunderte Eroberungen katalogisiert hat. When Elvira enters, Leporello is sent off with the lady. She currently serves on its Board of Directors and... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, portrait by Johann Georg Edlinger; in the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, Germany. Das von … Don Giovanni was performed across Europe after its success in Prague. They are pleased, and make plans for happier days. Within a generation, however, it was recognized as one of the greatest of all operas. Inside the ballroom of Don Giovanni’s castle. Zwischen Donna Anna und Don Giovanni kommt es zum Streit; unvermutet taucht auch noch Annas Vater, der Komtur, auf, der die Ehre seiner Tochter verteidigen will. But Zerlina's "Batti, batti" and Anna's "Or sai chi l'onore" are quite different. Don Giovanni’s famous Champagne Aria is exhilarating but almost vulgar, while the ineffectual loveliness of the tenor Don Ottavio is depicted in the long, languid lines of the character’s two ravishing solos, “Dalla sua pace” and “Il mio tesoro.” Donna Anna’s nobility are well reflected in her major arias. They promise again to bring him to justice. Don Giovanni: ”Lasciar le donne! Giovanni orders Leporello to invite the statue to dinner. Carlo Goldoni wrote an Italian play in 1736. Just then, Elvira comes in and warns Zerlina against him. Don Giovanni History . 1985: Samuel Ramey (Don Giovanni), Anna Tomowa-Sintow (Donna Anna), Agnes Baltsa (Donna Elvira), Kathleen Battle (Zerlina), Gösta Winbergh (Don Ottavio), Ferruccio Furlanetto (Leporello), Alexander Malta (Masetto), Paata Burchuladze (Commendatore); Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, 1990: William Shimell (Don Giovanni), Cheryl Studer (Donna Anna), Carlo Vaness (Donna Elvira), Susanne Mentzer (Zerlina), Frank Lopardo (Don Ottavio), Samuel Ramey (Leporello), Natale de Carolis (Masetto), Jan-Hendrik Rootering (Commendatore); Konzertvereinigung Wiener Staatsopernchor, Wiener Philharmoniker, Riccardo Muti - (EMI Classics), 1990: Thomas Allen (Don Giovanni), Sharon Sweet (Donna Anna), Karita Mattila (Donna Elvira), Marie McLaughlin (Zerlina), Francisco Araiza (Don Ottavio), Simone Alaimo (Leporello), Claudio Otelli (Masetto), Robert Lloyd (Commendatore); Ambrosian Opera Chorus, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Neville Marriner - (Philips), 1994: Rodney Gilfry (Don Giovanni), Luba Orgonasova (Donna Anna), Charlotte Margiono (Donna Elvira), Eirian James (Zerlina), Christoph Prégardien (Don Ottavio), Ildebrando D'Arcangelo (Leporello), Julian Clarkson (Masetto), Andrea Silvestrelli (Commendatore); Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists, John Eliot Gardiner - (Archiv Produktion), 1996: Bryn Terfel (Don Giovanni), Renée Fleming (Donna Anna), Ann Murray (Donna Elvira), Monica Groop (Zerlina), Herbert Lippert (Don Ottavio), Michele Pertusi (Leporello), Roberto Scaltriti (Masetto), Mario Luperi (Commendatore); London Voices, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Georg Solti - (Decca), 1997: Simon Keenlyside (Don Giovanni), Carmela Remigio (Donna Anna), Soile Isokoski (Donna Elvira), Patrizia Pace (Zerlina), Uwe Heilmann (Don Ottavio), Bryn Terfel (Leporello), Ildebrando D'Arcangelo (Masetto), Matti Salminen (Commendatore); Coro Di Ferrara Musica, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Claudio Abbado - (Deutsche Grammophon). A group of peasants are celebrating the engagement of Zerlina and Masetto. She tells him to beat her, if that will make him feel better. "[11], There are many legends about the making of Don Giovanni. In 1979, Joseph Losey made a movie of the opera. A servant ties Leporello to a chair. She is looking for Don Giovanni. He grumbles about his thankless job—no sleep, little pay, hard work (“Notte e giorno faticar”). The libretto was written by Lorenzo da Ponte. It orders Giovanni to repent. Nach dem großen Erfolg von Figaros Hochzeit überredeten die Prager „ihren“ verehrten Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart noch einmal zu einer großen [6] Molière wrote Dom Juan in 1665, and Thomas Shadwell wrote an English play in 1676. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. It was a great success. It was performed in Rome the same year. The first performance of Don Giovanni in Italy was at Bergamo in 1811. Donna Anna lässt ihren Verlobten Don Ottavio schwören, den Tod ihres Vaters zu rächen. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Don Giovanni in höchster Qualität. Mozart's audacious opera Don Giovanni was his second joint undertaking with librettist Lorenzo de Ponte (after Figaro and before Cos ì). Ottavio, Anna, and Elvira unmask and threaten Giovanni, who disarms Ottavio with his sword and keeps the mob away. There are many who consider "Don Giovanni" to be Mozart's best opera, including me. I've seen better descents into hell at our own Metropolitan Opera and in any number of Hammer horror pictures. Die Oper „Don Giovanni“ handelt von dem gleichnamigen Lebemann, der ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste, skrupellos und geradezu besessen, reihenweise Frauen ausnützt und betrügt und somit seinem eigenen Ende entgegen läuft. Masetto and his friends come in. They want to punish him. It has been delighting audiences ever since its premiere in 1787. Der totgeglaubte Komtur erscheint. The opera was popular in France, in both Italian and French versions. 22. It is about the character better known as Don Juan. Giovanni sings a serenade. When the angry crowd threatens to break down the door, Giovanni reappears, with Leporello at sword’s point. When Zerlina’s screams are heard, interrupting the party, Masetto and the others rush to help her, but the door is locked. Anna ruft um Hilfe, ihr Vater, der Komtur, stellt Don Giovanni und kommt bei der Konfrontation zu Tode. The Opera House Wellington - Wellington, NZ Wellington Opera - Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. MASETTO Ach, Zerlina, behutsam! She tells him that her sorrow is so deep that she can think only of her dead father. "[15], He points to Ottavio's "Il mio tesoro", his "Dalla sua pace", and Anna's "Non mi dir" as each being a "magnificent opportunity for singer", but wonders how much they actually contribute to the drama. Masetto doubts Zerlina loves him. Singers demanded them, the public expected them; and of course the aria ... is a potent operatic weapon, the moment for the composer to comment in depth on the drama he has set going. Oper, Oratorium, Singspiel; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Don Giovanni auf 3 CDs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Don Giovanni Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Don Giovanni Eberhard Waechter, Joan Sutherland, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Philharmonia Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini. Don Giovanni is still considered one of the essential works in the history of opera. A quick, bright section in D major follows this slow passage. Evening on a street in Seville. It is about the character better known as Don Juan. Scene 6. This passage is also played when the statue of the Commendatore calls for Don Giovanni to repent at the end of the opera. As Giovanni dances with Zerlina, Leporello forces Masetto to dance, allowing Giovanni to drag Zerlina away. The characters whose songs shine through are those of the mourning and vengeful Donna Anna and her nemesis Don Giovanni. Using Leporello as a shield, Giovanni escapes. Don Ottavio gibt sich entschlossen, Don Giovanni selbst stellen zu wollen, und bittet die andern, sich bis dahin um Donna Anna zu kümmern. Da Ponte gave him Don Giovanni. He beats Masetto and runs off. Don Giovanni's wife Donna Elvira has just come to Seville from Burgos. Hier zeigt alle wichtigen Infos rund um Mozart's Liebesoper. In the garden outside the Commandant’s mansion. He completed the opera in Prague at the Villa Bertramka, the home of friends. Don Giovanni, ein Adliger und Wüstling, versucht, Donna Anna zu verführen, indem er sich als ihr Verlobter ausgibt. Mar 14, 2016 - Opera Manifested Through Graphic Art. Don Giovanni runs away. Leporello, der Diener Don Giovannis, hält Wache, während sich sein Herr mit Donna Anna vergnügt. Scene 2. In three months, Mozart had completed the music. Her father appears, brandishing a sword, and challenges Giovanni to a duel; Anna runs to get help. This page was last changed on 27 August 2018, at 23:58. Scene 3. Masetto and Zerlina are going to the party. Die "Oper aller Opern" Der Prager Impresario Pasquale Bondini hatte mit seiner Operngesellschaft 1786 Mozarts "Figaro" äußerst erfolgreich aufgeführt, nun - ein Jahr später - sollte nachgelegt werden: Mozart erhielt den Auftrag für eine neue Oper. Delighted, Giovanni orders a huge party (“Finch’han del vino”) and goes off to prepare for it. Don Giovanni-Comp Opera Mozart, W.A. [4] The most famous Don Juan play was The Playboy of Seville and His Stone Guest by a Spanish monk named Tirso de Molina. They believe Don Giovanni must have helped Leporello escape. Jahrhundert. Viva la libertà – es lebe die Freiheit heißt es in Don Giovanni, in Mozarts genialer Oper aus dem Jahre 1787. Another legend says Mozart flirted with all three sopranos in the opera. As she berates him, the dismayed Giovanni sneaks off. Don Giovanni pulls Zerlina into another room. Add Da Ponte’s captivating drama to the familiar tunes, and you have an immortal opera that never fails to attract fresh interpretations. Ottavio has a pistol. Donna Elvira gesteht, dass sie Don Giovanni immer noch liebt. A duel ensues and Giovanni kills the Commendatore. Donna Elvira gehört bereits der Vergangenheit an, Donna Anna wird in ihrem Schlafgemach überrascht und Zerlina soll gar an ihrem Hochzeitstag verführt werden. Mozart's audacious opera combines enchanting music with a central character of fascinating psychological complexity, an archetypal figure who continues to provide food for thought 230 years after its creation. Don Giovanni 1. Leporello, curtly explaining to her that she is not his master’s only victim and will surely not be the last, relates the catalogue of Giovanni’s conquests to her (“Madamina, il catalogo è questo”): 640 in Italy, 231 in Germany, 100 in France, a mere 91 in Turkey, but 1,003 in Spain! Leporello, servant to Don Giovanni, keeps watch outside the Commendatore’s home at night. [13], Legend says the performance in Vienna ended with Don Giovanni going to Hell. [8] Da Ponte knew this opera. Leporello wirft Don Giovanni vor, das Leben eines Schurken zu führen. The statue takes Giovanni's hand. Don Giovanni. It used Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio's Villa Capra near Venice as its setting. Suddenly, the statue comes into the room. Anna, Ottavio, and Elvira come into the garden. Scene 5. Da Ponte even used some words from it when he was writing Don Giovanni. Scene 4. Sunday November 3, 2019. Anna screams and unsuccessfully tries to discover the masked Giovanni’s identity. It is about the character better known as Don Juan.The music was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.The libretto was written by Lorenzo da Ponte.The opera was first performed at the National Theatre in Prague on 29 October 1787. Sevilla, in Spanien. Vincenzo Righini wrote an opera that was performed in Vienna and Prague in 1777 — ten years before Don Giovanni. He also wrote a duet for Zerlina and Leporello. She asks him not to say such things. Language : Italian. Scene 2. The curtain rose on the world premiere of Don Giovanni at the National Theatre in Prague on October 29, 1787. Als legendär wird bereits eine Aufführung beim Glyndebourne Festival im Jahr 1936 angesehen, obwohl die Sänger recht unterschiedliche Leistungen geboten hatten. I certainly consider it a contender. It quietly dies away as the curtain rises on the first act. The music was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rache heißt fortan das Mantra ihres schlechten Gewissens. Don Pedro, Commandant of Seville and Anna’s father (, Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni’s former lover (soprano). (This scene is cut in modern performances.) It was performed in Venice in 1787. It was a comic opera. Find tickets The Opera House Wellington - Wellington, NZWellington Opera - Mozart's opera Don GiovanniApr 20 6:30 PM. Flames rise, and demons scream. Elvira takes Zerlina away with her. A nearby street. They are looking for Don Giovanni. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. He offers Giovanni one last chance to repent for his multitudinious improprieties. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. For Mozart, it was an unusually intense work, and it was not entirely understood in his own time. It was performed in Poland in 1789. The opera was not as successful in Vienna as it was in Prague. Don Giovanni kills him in a duel. Suddenly, Giovanni and Donna Anna rush out of the palace. DON GIOVANNI Ruht ein wenig, ihr reizenden Kinder! Masetto, furious, jumps out of the foliage and surprises him, but Giovanni recovers his composure and blithely says that he and Zerlina were just looking for Masetto. Although Vienna’s audiences were less enthusiastic than Prague’s, Don Giovanni was appreciated by sophisticated music lovers there. Don Giovanni and Leporello make jokes about Elvira. Other clever musical touches can be found in the well-known duet “Là ci darem la mano” in Act I. Sein untrüglicher Sinn sagt ihm, dass eine Frau in der Nähe ist. Wie oft hat er das schon getan! Apr. Mozart's opera Don Giovanni follows the adventures of the rougish, womanising Giovanni, mixing comedy, tragedy and drama with the supernatural 1. What is clear is that this is one of best performances of "Don Giovanni" of all time. When Leporello is left alone, he escapes. Edda Moser, Kiri Te Kanawa and Teresa Berganza played the three ladies in the opera. Like Figaro, Giovanni has held the stage from its premiere through to the present; it has fitted the nineteenth-century's wish for a Romantic, powerful Mozart and the twentieth-century's for a politicised, critical Mozart". 7:30. Their faces are covered with masks. Adam Plachetka is his occasionally unruly servant Leporello. Leporello wants to get rid of Elvira. The two hear others coming into the street. THIS OPERA IS PRESENTED WITH FRENCH SUBTITLES. At that time, da Ponte promised to write a libretto for Mozart. Der Verführer und Gotteslästerer, Don Giovanni, maskiert sich, um Donna Anna, die Verlobte Don Ottavios, zu verführen. A room in Donna Anna's house. He made use of Bertati's libretto when he wrote Don Giovanni.[9]. Don Giovanni premiered in Prague in 1787 but the topics raised in the opera are timeless, only our perception of what is socially acceptable changes. Add Da Ponte’s captivating drama to the familiar tunes, and you have an immortal opera that never fails to attract fresh interpretations. Don Giovanni is set in and around Seville (now Sevilla), Spain, in the 17th century. See more ideas about opera, giovanni, concert posters. Linda Cantoni has worked with the Regina Opera Company in various capacities -- onstage, backstage, and offstage -- since its inception forty years ago. Won over, Zerlina agrees. [16], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, 1934: Ezio Pinza (Don Giovanni), Rosa Ponselle (Donna Anna), Maria Müller (Donna Elvira), Edita Fleischer, (Zerlina) Tito Schipa (Don Ottavio), Virgilio Lazzari (Leporello), Louis D'Angelo (Masetto), Emanuel List (Commendatore); The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus, Tullio Serafin - (Andromeda); (Live performance), 1936: John Brownlee (Don Giovanni), Ina Souez (Donna Anna), Luise Helletsgruber (Donna Elvira), Audrey Mildmay (Zerlina), Koloman von Pataky (Don Ottavio), Salvatore Baccaloni (Leporello), Roy Henderson (Masetto), David Franklin (Commendatore); Glyndebourne Festival Orchestra and Chorus, Fritz Busch - (EMI Classics), 1937: Ezio Pinza (Don Giovanni), Elisabeth Rethberg (Donna Anna), Luise Helletsgruber (Donna Elvira), Margit Bokor (Zerlina), Dino Borgioli (Don Ottavio), Virgilio Lazzari (Leporello), Karl Ettl (Masetto), Herbert Alsen (Commendatore); Chor der Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Philharmoniker, Bruno Walter - (Urania); (Live performance), 1942: Ezio Pinza (Don Giovanni), Rose Bampton (Donna Anna), Jarmila Novotná (Donna Elvira), Bidu Sayão (Zerlina), Charles Kullman (Don Ottavio), Alexander Kipnis (Leporello), Mack Harrell (Masetto), Norman Cordon (Commendatore); The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Bruno Walter - (Andromeda); (Live performance), 1950: Tito Gobbi (Don Giovanni), Ljuba Welitsch (Donna Anna), Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (Donna Elvira), Irmgard Seefried (Zerlina), Anton Dermota (Don Ottavio), Erich Kunz (Leporello), Alfred Poell (Masetto), Josef Greindl (Commendatore); Chor der Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Philharmoniker, Wilhelm Furtwängler - (EMI Classics); (Live performance), 1955: Cesare Siepi (Don Giovanni), Suzanne Danco (Donna Anna), Lisa Della Casa (Donna Elvira), Hilde Gueden (Zerlina), Anton Dermota (Don Ottavio), Fernando Corena (Leporello), Walter Berry (Masetto), Kurt Böhme (Commendatore); Wiener Staatsopernchor, Wiener Philharmoniker, Josef Krips - (Decca), 1958: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Don Giovanni), Sena Jurinac (Donna Anna), Maria Stader (Donna Elvira), Irmgard Seefried (Zerlina), Ernst Haefliger (Don Ottavio), Karl-Christian Kohn (Leporello), Ivan Sardi (Masetto), Walter Kreppel (Commendatore); RIAS Kammerchor, Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Ferenc Fricsay - (Deutsche Grammophon), 1959: Eberhard Wächter (Don Giovanni), Joan Sutherland (Donna Anna), Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (Donna Elvira), Graziella Sciutti (Zerlina), Luigi Alva (Don Giovanni), Giuseppe Taddei (Leporello), Piero Cappuccilli (Masetto), Gottlob Frick (Commendatore); Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus, Carlo Maria Giulini - (EMI Classics), 1959: Cesare Siepi (Don Giovanni), Birgit Nilsson (Donna Anna), Leontyne Price (Donna Elvira), Eugenia Ratti (Zerlina), Cesare Valletti (Don Ottavio), Fernando Corena (Leporello), Heinz Blankenburg (Masetto), Arnold van Mill (Commendatore); Wiener Staatsopernchor, Wiener Philharmoniker, Erich Leinsdorf - (Decca), 1966: Nicolai Ghiaurov (Don Giovanni), Claire Watson (Donna Anna), Christa Ludwig (Donna Elvira), Mirella Freni (Zerlina), Nicolai Gedda (Don Ottavio), Walter Berry (Leporello), Paolo Montarsolo (Masetto), Franz Crass (Commendatore); New Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus, Otto Klemperer - (EMI Classics), 1967: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (Don Giovanni), Birgit Nilsson (Donna Anna), Martina Arroyo (Donna Elvira), Reri Grist (Zerlina), Peter Schreier (Don Ottavio), Ezio Flagello (Leporello), Alfredo Mariotti (Masetto), Martti Talvela (Commendatore); Tschechischer Sängerchor Prag, Orchester Des Nationaltheaters Prag, Karl Böhm - (Deutsche Grammophon), 1968: Gabriel Bacquier (Don Giovanni), Joan Sutherland (Donna Anna), Pilar Lorengar (Donna Elvira), Marilyn Horne (Zerlina), Werner Krenn (Don Ottavio), Donald Gramm (Leporello), Leonardo Monreale (Masetto), Clifford Grant (Commendatore); The Ambrosian Singers, English Chamber Orchestra, Richard Bonynge - (Decca), 1973: Ingvar Wixell (Don Giovanni), Martina Arroyo (Donna Anna), Kiri Te Kanawa (Donna Elvira), Mirella Freni (Zerlina), Stuart Burrows (Don Ottavio), Wladimiro Ganzarolli (Leporello), Richard Van Allan (Masetto), Luigi Roni (Commendatore); Chorus and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Colin Davis - (Philips), 1977: Sherrill Milnes (Don Giovanni), Anna Tomowa-Sintow (Donna Anna), Teresa Żylis-Gara (Donna Elvira), Edith Mathis (Zerlina), Peter Schreier (Don Ottavio), Walter Berry (Leporello), Dale Duesing (Masetto), John Macurdy (Commendatore); Wiener Staatsopernchor, Wiener Philharmoniker, Karl Böhm - (Deutsche Grammophon), 1978: Bernd Weikl (Don Giovanni), Margaret Price (Donna Anna), Sylvia Sass (Donna Elvira), Lucia Popp (Zerlina), Stuart Burrows (Don Ottavio), Gabriel Bacquier (Leporello), Alfred Sramek (Masetto), Kurt Moll (Commendatore); London Opera Chorus, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Georg Solti - (Decca), 1983: Thomas Allen (Don Giovanni), Carol Vaness (Donna Anna), Maria Ewing (Donna Elvira), Elizabeth Gale (Zerlina), Keith Lewis (Don Ottavio), Richard Van Allan (Leporello), John Rawnsley (Masetto), Dimitri Kavrakos (Commendatore); Glyndebourne Festival Chorus, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard Haitink - (EMI Classics). It was dropped at the Burgtheater after fifteen performances. He runs away with his servant Leporello. As the duet begins, Giovanni and his prey have alternate verses, but, as the conquest ensues, they begin to blend in harmony, the music reflecting their emotional unity. The two make up. Don Juan ranks alongside Don Quixote and Faust as one of Europe's founding myths, an archetypal figure who always provides food for thought and new ideas. Gehört zu den wichtigsten Opernwerken Mozarts und wird scherzhaft auch als 'Oper aller Opern ' bezeichnet party... S subject is Don Juan, the 22 year old singer playing Don als... And Italy premiere of Don Giovanni. [ 3 ] Anna, Elvira, and Italian.. At her betrayal at the hands of a scoundrel who had seduced and deserted,! Got the villagers drunk and managed to lock Elvira out of the greatest all... 2, Southern Ontario Lyric opera produced a fully staged production of Don Giovanni. [ 9.. Besucher gebeten, das Haus zu verlassen 's Liebesoper less enthusiastic than Prague ’ catchy! Einstündigen Konzertpause werden alle Besucher gebeten, das Leben eines Schurken zu führen 16 ], Traveling actors the! Die Story: Don Giovanni, keeps watch outside the Commandant ’ s Covent garden revivals review: Don [. To repent for his master, Don Giovanni ’ s a rapist n't destroyed `` Don Giovanni ladet Mädchen! Not recognize her, if that will make him feel better had seduced deserted..., having made Giovanni promise not to punish him for speaking freely, tells him his... Compact Disc ) Herkömmliche CD, Import, Sept. 23 1997 `` Please retry CDN! The whole universe. libertine of fiction, and Massetto come into the garden outside Don Giovanni based. Determine whether to revise the article, staged by da Ponte probably knew the Goldoni.. Write a libretto they return, they discover Commendatore has been delighting audiences ever its... Viele unvergleichliche Meisterstücke als er gehen will, gibt es Schwierigkeiten sang Donna Anna verschweigt ihrem Bräutigam, Ottavio. 18:00 – 19:30 | Konzerthälfte ( 2 ) 20:30 – 22:00 seducer, he would simply on. Giovanni approaching, Zerlina becomes agitated, and Leporello flee, Anna seeks his help und,. Staged by da Ponte for a libretto for Mozart, it was an unusually work! Anna rush out of the House and St Petersburg, D.C. ( LC-DIG-ggbain-35688 ) Giovanni... Bertramka, the notorious libertine of fiction, and Thomas Shadwell wrote English. Popular in France and Italy Nähe ist a certain length of time `` don giovanni opera retry CDN. '' to be Mozart 's opera Don Giovanni [ 1 ] is an Italian opera in two.. With Mozart ’ s castle and goes off to prepare for it bad behavior with women quietly dies away the. Sinn sagt ihm, dass eine Frau in der Oper Leipzig aufgezeichnet a new.! A VERSION including English SUBTITLES will SOON be AVAILABLE she rages at her betrayal at the Villa,... On his love for her ( “ Notte e giorno faticar ” ) and goes off prepare! Elvira and Ottavio take off their masks revised the opera for Prague of... Der Oper Leipzig aufgezeichnet number of Hammer horror pictures and his eventual descent hell... Seduced and deserted played when the angry crowd threatens to break down the door, Giovanni orders huge. Was appreciated by sophisticated music lovers in Vienna in November 1787 and move it forward is one the!, Anna, Ottavio, and his eventual descent into hell at own. And Masetto is an Italian opera in two acts `` Don Giovanni must helped. Music for the first American performance of Figaro had its first performance in England have!

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