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Chapter 1: Surfin T-shirts 1940-80s “OP” and more Chapter 2: Skateboardin’ T-shirts Old Skool and New Skool Chapter 3: Motorcyclin T-shirts 50s – 70s Races & Shops 70s Outlaws Chapter 4: Hot Rod T-shirts 50s INDY 60s Hot Rod Airbrushing 320 page | Color | Hard cover | Translated in English and Japanese. Each shirt in the collection reflects a piece of history and a bit of personality from those who came before. Review of The Dust Factory (2004) By Joyce M (197) on 05 Feb 2007 I believe that in this era of film, it is extremely difficult to find a movie below a PG-13 rating that measures up to my expectations of a… The video was made to give you an idea of what you are getting in your box. An accident causes him to travel to a place called "the dust factory" which is a place between heaven and earth. It was a lovely movie that explored the themes of life, death, faith, and fear. The Dust Factory Boxes are set up for boutique buyers who need specific looks. Order from a variety of different vintage pants, t-shirts,… If you love the look of a bygone era, this book is for you! Style with substance. Often times taking an inch of of the... [Read More], Copyright 1999-2017 Dust Factory Vintage. It’s Retro but not old fashioned. Welcome to the Dust Factory Online Warehouse. Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale based out of Southern California, was born out of a simple necessity. The t-shirt is no doubt one of the most recongnizable fashions peices from Americans, and they have always been part of American daily lifestyle. "The Dust Factory" is charmingly sentimental without being sappy, maudlin, or too scary for a younger audience. Big Sale Swimwear. Our vintage boxes and bales consist of both men’s and women’s recycled or reused clothing from the 60’s through the early 2000’s. First Come First Purchase ️order today! “My Freedamn!2” features the American t-shirt sub-culture again. For years her shop took a hit after the holidays until she found a few simple hacks last year that increased her retail sales into... [Read More], When it comes to vintage clothing, there are three types of buyers: Cherry pickers, Bulk Buyers, and Container Buyers. Secondhand Chic : Finding Fabulous Fashion at Consignment, Vintage, and Thrift Shops by Christa Weil “It seems you can’t open a magazine or turn on the TV lately without getting word about the rise of secondhand clothes…”. Directed by Eric Small. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});