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It is useful to make health, good for walk in the morning, environment full of fresh air to breathe in, no fear of mosquitoes, good for farmer’s crop, etc. Always believe in hard work, where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. Papayas are interesting winter fruits that have been enjoyed for many, many years. People find a different vibe this time. My Favourite Fruit – Essay 1. Introduction This humble-looking fruit also makes a great snack for untimely hunger – giving you a great energy boost. You can experience lots of moonlit night in this season. Each season brings its own marvel of fruits and vegetables that you relish solely in those 2-3 months. Grape, carrot, pomegranate are some of my favorite winter fruits. Winter season has its own importance as well. While dried figs are available around the year, you should give the fresh ones a try if they are available at your local fruit-seller. This fruit prevents the formation of fat cells in the body. They are a great source of potassium and iron both. Winter season is a very cold season of the year in India. Many animals hibernate during this season because of unbearable cold weather. Winters are the most important season begins form mid of the November and lasts till February. We generally feel slight decrease in the atmospheric temperature from Diwali festival (start of winter) till Holi festival (end of winter). mode: 'thumbnails-rr', Winter season is a season of healthy fruits and green leafy vegetables such as grapes, orange, apples, guava, papaya, sugarcane juice, pineapple, carrot, amla, cabbage, beetroot, turnips, cauliflower, radish, tomato, potato, etc. Fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, leeches, apples, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, papaya, guavas, etc. It feels very cold everywhere all through the winter season. Various kinds of seasonal flowers (dalais, roses, etc) blooms in beautiful colors and enhance the beauty of nature. Here’s a list of 9 Winter seasonal fruits that should be a part of every Indian’s winter diet. It is the season of health making however bad for trees and plants as they stop growing. Also called mosambi, here’s a third alternative to getting your daily dose of Vitamin C. Sweet limes top the Winter fruits list, as they are typically sweeter than oranges, and pack slightly more fibre. During winter, cold winds blow from the north. Winter has shortest days, longest nights and lowest temperatures than all other seasons. We feels huge level of changes in the atmosphere in the winter season in comparison to the other seasons of the year. As we all know that earth revolves around other planets on its tilted axis. We likes to take a sip of hot coffee, tea, soup, etc in the morning and evening to get slight heat and pleasurable experience. Fruits and vegetables produced during winter are healthy and a delicacy to eat. However, it is important to pick seasonal fruits that are available locally – not exotic season fruits. Fog and mist are very common during this season that cause more traffic and road accidents. It falls in the month of December and ends in march during Holi festival. Apple is one of the most widely cultivated tree and widely known for the many members. Essay on Winter Season in 200 Words. It is also the season to enjoy dates, oranges, apples, hot coffee and tea. earth rotates away or toward the sun through its year long path. No wonder an apple a day keep the doctor away! Papaya is the ideal fruit for winter because it increases body heat, giving you a natural and nutritious way to tackle the cold temperature. They are packed with natural remedies for seasonal health problems. A lot of people don’t like custard apples because they have too many seeds. Yes! We are also blessed with many fruits in the winter season. Ice on the things look as beautiful as pearls. December and January are chiefly the winter months. We can say that the winter season is the season for health. We can say winter season a health making season. 9. For those of you who don’t like oranges, pineapples are a good substitute, considering they too are stuffed with Vitamin C. They also have very strong anti-inflammatory properties, helping keep allergic rhinitis and other seasonal inflammatory diseases in check. It is best to eat the above fruits raw and whole. © 2010-2020 Nature becomes different. One of the best sources of this nutrient is chikoo. Sometimes, we do not see sunlight because of the thick clouds in the sky however on other winter days sky looks very clear and blue. Winteris the sowing season for wheat, barley and a few other crops. Winter’s cold rain destroys crops, vegetables and fruits. Advantages of Winter Season That’s right – apples provide close to 14% of our body’s daily Vitamin C requirement. Once considered a rather exotic fruit, it can now be found in the supermarkets practically year round. Essay on Autumn Season in 100 Words: 2. Many winter flower like marigold, petunia are found at this time. Hilly regions become very beautiful during winter season as everything gets covered by the ice and give awesome look like scenery. I slowly started to learn how to speak Chinese and Shanghainese. The peak time when winter is experienced the most in December and January. It is also a fruit that goes great with salads, because of its characteristic sweet-and-sour taste. Along with the above seasonal fruits, it would be a good idea to include the following all-season fruits in your winter diet too. What’s more, its interesting shape makes it an instant hit with children! Autumn is the season of healthier fruits and green leafy vegetables, such as grapes, oranges, apples, guava, papaya, sugarcane juice, pineapple, carrot, amla, cabbage, beet, turnips, radish, tomatoes, potatoes etc. There are different types of fruits are available. December and January are the peak winter months during which we feel lots of problem because of much cold weather. All the essays are written using very simple words under various words limit according to the class of students. Many old people and small age kids lost their life because of very much cold weather. Where there is a will there is a way essay, Role of Human Activities in Global Warming Essay. These include citrus fruits, kiwi, and some varieties of pears. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', Identify meaning in essay writing. It rains sometimes without weather which makes life really miserable. In India, winters hold great importance. In the winter season, night becomes long and day becomes short. Children love winters, essay on the season I like the most winter. This season lasts about three months, starts from December and ends in March. January and February are the two coldest months of this season. We generally go to the picnic on Sunday in the afternoon to get some heat from the natural sunlight and enjoy with our family and friends. Top 10 Family Tattoo Ideas, Designs and Symbols, Godparents – How to Choose and Their Responsibilities, Best Republic Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages to Share With Your Dear Ones, Beautiful Pongal Wishes, Messages & Quotes for Your Family and Friends, Baby Sleeping on Side – Risks and Precautions. Apart from all, winter basically means good food for me. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for and other Popular web portals. //-->. Winter season comes when earth tilted away from sun. Winter Season in Pakistan Essay by Moin akhtar Nov 1, 2013 Essay on Winter Season in Pakistan as has always have its own charm and attraction, although in several cases it becomes unbearable but still people do have a pleasant time in the winters where the climate gets cool and people enjoys that change. grows up abundantly in this season. How to format an application essay, essay writing teel structure. Dates are small fruits that pack large quantities of essential minerals, particularly potassium, copper, manganese and magnesium. Masters in Computer Application and Business Administration. Often times people complain of winter, cursing the cold and praying for the summer, but if we did not have winter, can we truly appreciate summer and vice versa? ... We get lots of healthy fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in the winter. Two of the biggest reasons to eat oranges include their high vitamin C and high fibre content. In winter, various fruits like orange, grapes, apples and vegetables like cabbage, turnips, cauliflower, radish tomato, etc. Seasonal fruits help us not just survive but thrive in any given season. However, a fact about apples that often gets overlooked is their high Vitamin C content! 3. They are available in different seasons of the year. 250 words Essay On My Favorite Season And Why. Mostly seasons will produce the fruits. Seasons change when. a high speed cold winds blow from the north region in the peak winter months. Frost makes very difficult to go outside home at night in winter. Tilt of rotational axis of earth plays main role in the weather changes all through the year. Use powder of dried dates in milk, tea or even desserts as a natural sweetener (instead of sugar). are consumed with relish and pleasure by us. In the heartfelt areas, seasons start in earlier and end in longer as some items like greens, carrots, beets, and radishes may be harvested in a year in the most temperature areas. 500+ Words Essay on Winter Season. They help deal with winter-related problems such as cold and flu. Winter season is the coldest phase of the year, starts from December and ends in March. Winter season is very cold and one of the four seasons of India. Winter Fruits- December till February. essay on winter season in English for Students and Children’s. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});