Table of Contents, National Tax Journal, December 2016, 69 (4)

Spring Symposium Issue

Robert D. Ebel, “A Time to Abandon the State Corporate Net Income Tax: General Business Tax Options”

Danielle H. Green and George A. Plesko, “The Relation Between Book and Taxable Income Since the Schedule M-3”

Fabio B. Gaertner, Stacie K. Laplante, and Daniel P. Lynch, “Trends in the Sources of Permanent and Temporary Book-Tax Differences During the Schedule M-3 Era”

Erin Henry, Norman Massel, and Erin Towery, “Increased Tax Disclosures and Corporate Tax Avoidance”

Laura Power and Austin Frerick, “Have Supra-Normal Returns to Corporations Been Increasing Over Time?”

Peter Merrill, “Innovation Boxes: Patent Medicine?”

Jane G. Gravelle and Sean Lowry, “The Affordable Care Act, Labor Supply, and Social Welfare”

Ithai Lurie and Janet McCubbin, “What Can Tax Data Tell Us About the Uninsured? Evidence From 2014”

Kim Clausing, “The Effect of Profit Shifting on the Corporate Tax Base in the United States and Beyond”

Gerald Auten, David Splinter, and Susan Nelson, “Reactions of High Income Taxpayers to Major Tax Legislation”

Kevin B. Moore, Sarah J. Pack, and John Sabelhaus,”Taxing Incomes of Top Wealth Holders”

Robert Gordon, David Joulfaian, and James Poterba, “Choosing Between the Estate Tax and Basis Carryover Regime of 2010”

Joel Slemrod, “Caveats to the Research Use of Tax-Return Administrative Data”