NTJ Referee Award

Each year, the National Tax Journal recognizes with its Referee of the Year Award two individuals who have been exceptionally helpful as referees over the course of the year. The recipients of this award provided stellar service to the NTJ, preparing reports that were particularly insightful, comprehensive, constructive, and timely. Their dedicated efforts were extremely helpful to the editors.

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2023 Nirupama Rao and Riley Wilson
2022 Laura Dague and Daniel Garrett
2021 Casey Rothschild and Nathan Anderson
2020 Jane Gravelle and Daniel Wilson
2019 Byron Lutz and Claudia Persico
2018 Andrew Hanson and Nick Turner
2017 Janet Holtzblatt and Elira Kuka
2016 Eric Brunner and William G. Gale
2015 Donald Bruce and Alan D. Viard
2014 Gilbert E. Metcalf and Robert Yetman
2013 Adam J. Cole and Michael Lovenheim
2012 LeAnn Luna and Jonathan C. Rork
2011 Laura Kalambokidis and David Sjoquist
2010 Jon Bakija and Michelle Hanlon
2009 Todd Sinai and Seth Giertz
2008 James X. Sullivan and James Alm
2007 Edward Maydew and Joe A. Stone
2006 Matthew Murray and William T. Bogart
2005 Wojciech Kopczuk and Elizabeth Plummer