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Congratulations to the new members of the NTA Board of Directors!

  • James Mackie, Second Vice President, EY
  • Byron Lutz, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • Kevin Markle, University of Iowa
  • Elena Patel, University of Utah
  • Carlianne Patrick, Georgia State University
  • Molly Saunders-Scott, Congressional Budget Office

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Save the Date!

Don't miss out on these important dates/deadlines.

  • 2/15: Nomination deadline for the Holland Medal Award
  • 3/11: Submissions open for 113th NTA Annual Conference on Taxation
  • 5/14 - 5/15: NTA Spring Symposium
  • 6/5: Submissions close for 113th NTA Annual Conference on Taxation
  • 11/19: 113th NTA Annual Conference on Taxation begins

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