Founded in 1907, the National Tax Association serves as the leading association of scholars and professionals dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of public finance, including public taxing, spending and borrowing.

The National Tax Association is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical educational association. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the NTA does not promote any particular tax program or policy. The enormous public benefit that can come from sound tax policy and wise administration of public finances is a prime reason for the work of NTA.

NTA’s diverse membership is its unique feature and its greatest strength. The Association brings together government, corporate, academic, and independent professionals – a rich mix of federal and state legislators, administrators and policy analysts; taxpayer representatives; practicing lawyers and accountants; professors of economics, law and accounting; students; and interested citizens.

NTA members have a role in all aspects of the Association’s professional activities and programs, including setting the agenda for conferences and seminars, participating in the annual Spring Symposium and the annual Conference on Taxation, and contributing to Association publications. Members receive the National Tax Journal and NTA network newsletter. Members of the Association benefit from steeply reduced conference registration fees. In addition, members receive free access to Tax Policy and the Economy published by the University of Chicago Press through the National Bureau of Economic Research.