111th Annual Conference Students on the Market

Stay tuned! More student names and links coming!

Name School Email Area Link to webpage
Amira Alghumgham Howard University alghumgham@hotmail.com Economics webpage
Will Boning University of Michigan wcboning@umich.edu Economics webpage
Chia Jung Chang University of Illinois at Chicago cchang91@uic.edu Economics webpage
Ashley Craig Harvard University ashleycraig@fas.harvard.edu Economics webpage
Ngoc Dao Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs ngdao@iu.edu Public Policy webpage
James Elwell Cornell University jpe65@cornell.edu Economics webpage
Clint Harris Purdue University harri489@purdue.edu Economics webpage
Amelia (Molly) Hawkins University of Michigan aaehawki@umich.edu Economics webpage
Md Sabbirul Haque University of Tennessee, Knoxville mhaque3@vols.utk.edu Economics webpage
Carlos Hurtado University of Illinois hrtdmrt2@illinois.edu Economics webpage
Christian Imboden University of Oregon cimboden@uoregon.edu Economics webpage
Rhiannon Jerch Cornell University rlj78@cornell.edu Economics webpage
Dajung Jun Michigan State University jundajun@msu.edu Economics webpage
Terry (Seok Min) Moon Princeton University smmoon@princeton.edu Economics webpage
Siân Mughan Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs smughan@iu.edu Public Policy webpage
Kyle Rozema University of Chicago Law School kylerozema@uchicago.edu Law webpage
(Susan) Xu Tang Georgia State University xtang4@gsu.edu Economics webpage
Tejaswi Velayudhan University of Michigan tvelayud@umich.edu Economics webpage
Falko Weiss Institute of Accounting and Taxation, University of Münster falko.weiss@wiwi.uni-muenster.de Accounting webpage