James Alm

“I joined the National Tax Association even before finishing my doctorate at Wisconsin. And I joined for some simple reasons. If you want to be well-informed and up-to-date on current tax issues, if you want to be part of the discussion of these issues, and if you want to contribute your own research to these debates, you have to be a member of the NTA – there is simply no better organization working on tax issues than the NTA. My membership has given me countless opportunities to learn from, participate in, and contribute to these dialogues. The conferences, the symposia, and the National Tax Journal – as well as the wonderful personal relationships that these generate – are all excellent ways to participate in the tax ‘conversation’.”

James Alm is Chair of the Department of Economics at Tulane University. Previously, he was Regents Professor in the Department of Economics at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he served as Chair of the Department and Dean of the School. He has also taught at Syracuse University and at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He earned his master’s degree in economics at the University of Chicago and his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Much of his research has focused on public economics, in such areas as tax compliance, the tax treatment of the family, fiscal decentralization, and tax reform. He has served as editor of Public Finance Review and as President of the Southern Economic Association.