NTA Strategic Planning Survey

Dear NTA Member,

The NTA Strategic Planning Survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation!

As President of the NTA, I urge you to participate in the NTA Strategic Planning Survey. This survey is being sent by email to the entire NTA membership, and we are hoping for a high response rate.

The survey is part of a major data gathering effort that is being made by the recently established NTA Strategic Planning Committee. The Committee was charged by the NTA Board with leading an effort to set both a long run vision for the organization and a strategy for how best to pursue this long run vision. The Committee was created to collect data, assess alternatives, and present recommendations to the NTA Board, under the leadership of a professional strategic planning facilitator. The Committee will meet several times over the summer to consider the strategic priorities of the NTA, and this work will be heavily informed and greatly aided by the answers that we get from you, the NTA membership. The Committee will present its strategic plan to the NTA Board in November, and the Board will vote on the plan. Then, we will present the plan to the membership, along with objectives for achievement.

The National Tax Association is 114 years old, and it has never undergone strategic planning. We believe that now is an especially opportune time to undertake this initiative. We have high hopes that this process will help us sharpen our focus, make us more responsive to the needs of our members and the field of tax policy, and will result in a stronger, more versatile, and more nimble organization in the future.

However, we cannot do any of this without your input, so your response is absolutely essential to the success of this strategic planning initiative. I very much hope that you will respond. And I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have or if you have any thoughts on the process – please feel free to reach out to me at jalm@tulane.edu.

Many thanks in advance and my best regards to all of you.

Jim Alm
President, National Tax Association
Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics
Tilton Hall
Tulane University
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118
Email: jalm@tulane.edu