115th Annual Conference Organizers


Conference Chair

James Mackie, President, National Tax Association

Program Chairs
Robert Carroll, EY
Nirupama Rao, University of Michigan

Program Committee

Mike Allen, Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services
Rosanne Altshuler, Rutgers University
Gerald Auten, U.S. Department of Treasury
Jacob Bastian, Rutgers University
Michael Best, Columbia University
Sebastien Bradley, Drexel University
Don Bruce, University of Tennessee
Caroline Bruckner, American University
Nick Bull, Joint Committee on Taxation
Colleen Carey, Cornell University
Ashley Craig, University of Michigan
Tim Dowd, Joint Committee on Taxation
Jacob Goldin, Stanford University
Roger Gordon, University of California, San Diego
Steve Hamilton, George Washington University
Laura Kawano, University of Michigan
Ithai Lurie, U.S. Department of Treasury
Ben S. Meiselman, U.S. Department of Treasury
Sarah Miller, University of Michigan
Jake Mortenson, Joint Committee on Taxation
Dan Mullins, EY
Brandon Pizzola, EY
Kyle Pomerleau, American Enterprise Institute
Shanthi Ramnath, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Max Risch, Carnegie Mellon University
Cailin Slattery, Columbia University
Davis Weisbach, University of Chicago
Eric Zwick, University of Chicago