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112th Annual Conference Proceedings, 2019

Tampa, FL November 21, 2019 Earnings Risk, Top Incomes, and Mobility Joshua Rauh (Stanford University) and Ryan Shyu (Stanford University),  Behavioral Responses to State Income Taxation of High Earners: Evidence from California Musab Kurnaz (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Intergenerational Income Mobility and Income Taxation Johannes Koenig (DIW Berlin), Earnings Risk and Tax Policy… Read more »

111th Annual Conference Proceedings, 2018

New Orleans, LA Presidential Address Rosanne Altshuler, 2018 Presidential Address (stay tuned for link) Daniel M. Holland Medal Tribute to Michael Keen, winner of the 2018 Daniel M. Holland Medal November 15, 2018 Health Insurance: New Evidence from Policy Changes Ioana Popovici (Nova Southeastern University), Johanna Catherine Maclean (Temple University), Michael T. French (University of… Read more »