Therese McGuire, 2018 Steven D. Gold Award recipient

Therese McGuireThe Steven D. Gold Award was created in 1997 in memory of Steve Gold, who had an exemplary career as an analyst, researcher, and teacher, specializing in issues related to state and local public finance and intergovernmental relations. The award is given annually by the NTA, the NCSL, and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management — all organizations in which he was an active member — with the winner selected by one of the three organizations each year on a rotating basis.

This year’s winner of the Steve D. Gold award, Therese McGuire, is Professor of Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Professor McGuire’s research in state and local public finance includes work on fiscal decentralization, property tax limitations, education finance, and regional economic development. Her research has been published in academic journals, including the National Tax Journal, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Journal of Public Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Journal of Urban Economics, and the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Therese’s policy research on state tax and fiscal issues includes research studies for Illinois, Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, and Minnesota; testimony to state legislative bodies; and other public engagement. In 1989, Therese spent a year directing a study of Arizona’s revenues and expenditures for a blue-ribbon committee appointed by the governor and the leaders of the house and senate. In an international context, she has examined a number of public finance issues in Spain.

Therese has served as President of the National Tax Association (1999-2000), the editor of the National Tax Journal (2001-2009), and is a frequent participant in NTA conference programs.

Therese will receive the award in November at NTA’s 111th Annual Conference on Taxation in New Orleans.