Statement from the National Tax Association on Racial Injustice

Dear NTA Members,

On June 12, 2020, the NTA Board of Directors voted to adopt the following statement from the National Tax Association on Racial Injustice: 

During the past few weeks, our nation has once again witnessed senseless, systemic violence against Black Americans. The brutal murder of George Floyd in police custody, the reckless shooting of Breonna Taylor in her home, and the hateful killing of Ahmaud Arbery in the street are appalling. Furthermore, the disproportionate loss of Black lives to the COVID-19 pandemic and the disproportionate burden of economic hardship caused by the ensuing recession underscore the ongoing and historical impact of racial discrimination in this nation. We have been sickened and outraged by these events. We have a duty to the members of our community and nation—particularly Black Americans—to affirm, support, and act in pursuit of racial justice.

The National Tax Association understands that we—individually and collectively, as scholars and as citizens—must do more to advance justice and equality. The NTA is committed to (1) enacting a code of conduct that prohibits and punishes racial discrimination in NTA activities, (2) bringing more public finance professionals who are Black or members of other underrepresented minorities into Board and other leadership positions in the NTA and (3) further expanding outreach to, and elevating the work of, economists, accountants, lawyers, students, and other members of the public finance community who are Black or a member of an underrepresented minority. Their scholarship and perspectives improve our overall understanding of public finance and public policy. 

We, like all scholars must, further commit to welcoming thought that acknowledges what scholarship has shown: that structural racism and racial animus exist. These forces influence public policies. Analysis that incorporates these considerations can provide new insights and improve people’s lives. We encourage you to join us in this commitment to extinguish racism and lift up those groups who have suffered from it.