NTA at 2022 ASSA Meetings

Friday, January 7th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
To Be Held Virtually; To Register, Visit AEA’s Website

Please note, this session will NOT be recorded so make sure to catch it live at the above date/time!

Frontiers of Tax Research

Chair, Matthew Weinzierl, Harvard Business School

Why Are Residential Property Tax Rates Regressive?
Natee Amornsiripanitch, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Optimal Assignment of Bureaucrats: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Tax Collectors in the DRC
Augustin Bergeron, Stanford University

Effects of International Tax Provisions on Domestic Labor Markets
Daniel G. Garrett, University of Pennsylvania

Tax Evasion and the Minimum Wage
Daniel Prinz, Institute for Fiscal Studies

The Heterogenous Welfare Impacts of Tax Audits
Ellen Stuart, Harvard University