52nd Annual Spring Symposium, 2022

The National Tax Association presents

Cut from the Same Cloth: Different Perspectives on Tax Policy

 May 12-13, 2022
National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Tax policy is developed and implemented with the aid of economists, lawyers, and accountants working in government, academia, consulting and think tanks. It is conveyed to the public by journalists. Each group has its own perspective and mode of analysis, and the best policy reflects the professional insights from each. This conference provides a forum in which knowledgeable professionals from these groups share insights and perspectives on current issues in tax policy and administration. Issues discussed will include evidence-based policy development, international taxation, advances in using administrative data, using artificial intelligence to improve tax administration, social and traditional infrastructure, and the SALT deduction. We look forward to seeing you in person and hearing your thoughts on these important issues.

The Symposium was presented in association with the American Tax Policy Institute.

The 52nd NTA Spring Symposium presentation PDFs and keynote recordings are available on the Symposium website. The PDFs are listed after each session in the symposium program.

Conference Chair

James Mackie, President, National Tax Association

Program Chair

Richard Prisinzano, University of Pennsylvania