NTJ Forum: Administrative Burden in the Tax and Transfer System Webinar

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The Editors of the National Tax Journal (NTJ) are excited to continue our webinar series that periodically features some of the NTJ’s recently published articles.

Co-sponsored with the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah, the Administrative Burden in Tax and Transfer System webinar will feature three papers from the Forum of the March 2024 issue. An array of complexities surrounds the tax and transfer system, creating significant administrative burdens that affect families, businesses, and government agencies. Each year, millions of people gather numerous documents to fill out their tax forms, and governments allocate substantial resources to ensure the proper collection of revenues and disbursement of benefits. And while discussions over social safety net often focus on the supports that families need, it has become increasingly recognized that significant hurdles – such as learning, compliance and psychological costs – in applying for and receiving benefits can restrict program access. The papers in this Forum explore several aspects of these administrative burdens in the US tax and transfer systems.

Please join us as Tatiana Homonoff (NYU Wagner) moderates a discussion with Marianne Bitler (UC-Davis), Lucie Schmidt (Smith College), and Luisa Wallossek (LMU-Munich) on some of the eligibility rules, reporting requirements, compliance procedures, and other bureaucratic obstacles that can hinder both the efficiency and efficacy of our tax and transfer systems.

Bitler’s paper is coauthored with Jason Cook (Utah), Paige Rowberry (Utah) and Seojung Oh (UC-Davis). Schmidt’s paper is coauthored with Lara Shore-Shepard (Williams College) and Tara Watson (Williams College and Brookings). Wallossek’s paper is coauthored with Youssef Benzarti (UCSB).

Webinar Co-Sponsor 

Webinar Participants

Tatiana Homonoff, New York University, Wagner (Moderator)


Youssef Benzarti, University of California, Santa Barbara


Marianne Bitler, University of California, Davis


Jason Cook,
University of Utah


Lucie Schmidt, Smith College


Seojung Oh, University of California, Davis


Luisa Wallossek, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich