The National Tax Association proudly administers several distinguished awards for research, career achievements, public service and refereeing. The Association congratulates the most recent award winners.

2019 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Government Finance and Taxation

Cailin Slattery, University of Virginia
State Competition in the Market for Firms

Honorable Mention

Terry (Seok Min) Moon, University of British Columbia
Essays on Capital Taxation, CEO Networks, and Real Investment

Michael Stepner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Essays on Health and Social Insurance

The Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation award recognizes exemplary dissertation research in government finance and taxation … more

2019 Daniel M. Holland Medal

Louis Kaplow, Harvard Law School

The Daniel M. Holland Medal recognizes outstanding contributions to the study and practice of public finance … more

2019 Davie-Davis Public Service Award

Mark Mazur, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center

The Davie-Davis award honors members who serve the public through the provision of expert analyses and objective advice to elected officials, other policy makers, and the general public … more

2019 NTJ Richard Musgrave Prize

Jacob A. Mortenson, Heidi R. Schramm, and Andrew Whitten
The Effects of Required Minimum Distribution Rules on Withdrawals from Traditional IRAs

The annual Richard Musgrave prize highlights the most outstanding paper published in the National Tax Journal … more

2019 NTJ Referee of the Year Award

Byron Lutz, Congressional Budget Office
Claudia Persico, Federal Reserve Bank

The NTJ Referee of the Year Award recognizes two individuals each year who have been exceptionally helpful as referees … more