Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Government Finance and Taxation

The National Tax Association’s Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award was established in 1971 and recognizes exemplary dissertation research in government finance and taxation.

All graduate students at accredited U.S. and Canadian Institutions who will receive the doctoral degree or its equivalent after July 1, 2019, and before June 30, 2020, are eligible for the awards. Both theoretical and empirical dissertations are welcome, and may be on any topic in the area of government finance, including taxation, debt and fiscal policy, political economy, expenditures, budgeting, administrative and management science applications, program analysis, and policy evaluation.

Entries are judged by a panel of experts on the basis of originality, clarity of exposition, and significance of the analysis for scholars and practitioners of government finance. The winner receives $2,000. Two honorable mention awards of $1,000 each may be given for other outstanding entries.

The awards will be presented at the 113th Annual Conference on Taxation in Denver, Colorado, November 19 – 21, 2020. Papers based on the dissertations are featured at the Annual Conference.

All submissions must be accompanied by an entry application, a nomination form, and a formal letter of nomination from the chair of the doctoral dissertation committee certifying the date of its acceptance and the specific qualities that warrant its nomination. Any questions should be directed to nta@ntanet.org or calling (202) 737-3325.

2019 Recipients

Cailin Slattery, University of Virginia
Honorable mention:
Seok Min (Terry) Moon, Princeton University
Michael Stepner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Past Recipients

2018 David Schönholzer, University of California, Berkeley
Honorable mention:
Steven Hamilton, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Benjamin Hyman, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
2017 Jacob Bastian, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Michael Gilraine, University of Toronto
Honorable mention:
Adam LaVecchia, University of Toronto
2016 Benjamin Lockwood, Harvard University
Honorable mention:
Youssef Banzarti, University of California, Berkeley
Daniel Reck, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2015 Itzik Fadlon, Harvard University
Honorable mention:
Patrick Button, University of California, Irvine
2014 Benjamin Marx, Columbia University
2013 Tatiana Homonoff, Princeton University
Honorable mention:
Ugo Troiano, Harvard University
2012 Joshua Gottlieb, Harvard University
Honorable mention:
Jongsang Park, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2011 Marika Cabral, Stanford University
Honorable mentions:
Neale Mahoney, Stanford University
Mark Phillips, University of Chicago
2010 Nirupama Rao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mention:
Nicholas Turner, University of California, San Diego
2009 Jesse Edgerton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2008 James Sallee, University of Michigan
Honorable mention:
Hui Shan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2007 David Albouy, University of California, Berkeley
Honorable mention:
Garth Heutel, Georgia State University
2006 Arturo Ramirez Verdugo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mention:
Francesca Mazzolari, University of California, San Diego
2005 Monica Singhal, Harvard University
Honorable mentions:
Leah Brooks, UCLA
Byron Lutz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2004 Joshua D. Rauh (Co-winner), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fernando V. Ferreira (Co-winner), University of California, Berkeley
Honorable mention:
Peter Katuscak, University of Michigan
2003 Nadarajan Chetty, Harvard University
Honorable mentions:
Francisco Perez-Gonzalez, Harvard University
John Straub, Texas A&M
2002 Kevin S. Milligan, University of Toronto
Honorable mentions:
Mellisa Kearney, MIT
Karen Pence, University of Wisconsin
2001 Brian G. Knight, University of Wisconsin
Honorable mentions:
Amy Finkelstein, MIT
Wojciech Kopczuk, University of Michigan
2000 Robert McMillan, Stanford University
Honorable mentions:
Patrick Bayer, Stanford University
Roberton Williams III, Stanford University
1999 Emmanuel Saez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mentions:
Katherine Baicker, Harvard University
Marc Stabile, Columbia University
1998 Dhammika Dharmapala, University of California, Berkeley
Honorable mentions:
Julia Lynn Coronado, University of Texas, Austin
Jeffey P. Guilfoyle, Michigan State University
1997 George R. G. Clark, University of Rochester
Honorable mentions:
Jeffrey Liebman, Harvard University
Todd Sinai, MIT
1996 Sheila E. Murray (Co-winner), University of Maryland
Leora Friedberg (Co-winner), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mention:
John Pepper, University of Wisconsin
1995 Nada Eissa, Harvard University
Honorable mentions:
Jason G. Cummins, Columbia University
Thomas C. Kinnaman, University of Virginia
1994 Caroline Minter Hoxby, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mentions:
Thomas J. Nechyba, University of Rochester
W. Loren Williams, Georgia State University
1993 Hilary A. Sigman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mentions:
David Hulse, Louisiana State University
James Ziliak, Indiana University
1992 Eric M. Engen, University of Virginia
Honorable mentions:
Edward Bird, University of Wisconsin
Miguel Gouveia, University of Rochester
1991 William M. Gentry, Princeton University
Honorable mentions:
Arup Banerji, University of Pennsylvania
Diane Lim Rogers, University of Virginia
1990 W. Thomas Bogart, Princeton University
Honorable mentions:
William Duncombe, Syracuse University
Robert Wassmer, Michigan State University
1989 Brian A. Cromwell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mentions:
Mary Lovely, University of Michigan
Paul Rothstein, University of California, Berkeley
1988 Rosanne Altshuler, University of Pennsylvania
Honorable mentions:
Joosung Jun, Harvard University
Gilbert Metcalf, Harvard University
John Karl Scholz, Stanford University
1987 Serge Nadeau, Carnegie Mellon University
Honorable mentions:
James Andreoni, University of Michigan
William Gale, Stanford University
1986 Andrew B. Lyon (Co-winner), Princeton University
Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason (Co-winner), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1985 Lawrence B. Lindsey, Harvard University
Honorable mention:
A. Lans Bovenberg, University of California, Berkeley
1984 Mitchell A. Post, University of Wisconsin
Honorable mentions:
Charles Ballard, Stanford University
Jerald Schiff, University of Wisconsin
1983 David F. Merriman, University of Wisconsin
Honorable mentions:
Robert Hubbard, Harvard University
Marc Robinson, Stanford University
1982 Robert S. Chirinko (Co-winner), Northwestern University
Lawrence H. Summers (Co-winner), Harvard University
Honorable mention:
James R. Nunns, Purdue University
1981 Jane G. Gravelle, George Washington University
Honorable mentions:
Dan Crippen, Ohio State University
Thomas Neubig, University of Michigan
1980 George R. Zodrow, Princeton University
Honorable mentions:
Joel Slemrod, Harvard University
David Terkla, University of California, Berkeley
1979 Don Fullerton, University of California
Honorable mention:
Mike Johnson, University of North Carolina
1978 Charles F. Revier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mentions:
David M. de Ferranti, Princeton University
Michael Lea, University of North Carolina
1977 Richard F. Dye, University of Michigan
Honorable mentions:
Robert Durbin Norton, Princeton University
Robert Thomas Schneeweis, University of Iowa
1976 Patrick D. Larkey, University of Michigan
Honorable mentions:
Thomas McCaleb, Louisiana State University
Nonna Noto, Stanford University
1975 John B. Burbidge, McGill University
Honorable mentions:
John Neufeld, University of Michigan
Andrew Reschovsky, University of Pennsylvania
1974 Helen F. Ladd, Harvard University
Honorable mentions:
William Fischel, Princeton University
Ann Roell Markusen, Michigan State University
1973 John H. Bowman, Ohio State University
Honorable mentions:
A. Mitchell Polinsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Roger Schmenner, Yale University
1972 Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable mentions:
Gerald Auten, University of Michigan
George Garrison, Clark University
1971 Michael J. Boskin, University of California
Honorable mentions:
Robert Inman, University of Pennsylvania
Nancy Dayton Sidhu, University of Illinois