Daniel M. Holland Medal

The Daniel M. Holland Medal was created in 1993 in memory of Dan Holland, a Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, and an internationally recognized researcher, teacher, and practitioner in public finance. He wrote several books and numerous articles on a wide range of topics in taxation, including issues related to business taxes, property and land taxes, dividend taxation, pension funds, tax evasion, and the integration of business and personal income taxes, and served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, foreign governments, and private companies. Dan was a leading figure in the National Tax Association for many years, serving as president in 1988–1989 and as editor of the National Tax Journal for 25 years from 1966–1991.

The Holland Medal is the most prestigious award given by the NTA, as it recognizes lifetime achievement in the study of the theory and practice of public finance. A committee of NTA members constituted by the Board of Directors makes a formal nomination of the award recipient each year for approval by the Board, and the medal is awarded at the Annual Conference on Taxation.

Current NTA officers and members of the Board of Directors are ineligible for nomination while serving.


Tribute to James R. Hines Jr., winner of the 2017 Daniel M. Holland Medal, at the 110th Annual Conference of the NTA.

Tribute to Jim Poterba, winner of the 2014 Daniel M. Holland Medal, at the 107th Annual Conference of the NTA.

Tribute to Joel Slemrod, winner of the 2012 Daniel M. Holland Medal, at the 105th Annual Conference of the NTA.


Daniel Shaviro


Jane Gravelle


Rosanne Altshuler


David Wildasin


Louis Kaplow


Michael Keen Click here to view the tribute video to Michael Keen, winner of the 2018 Daniel M. Holland Medal.

2017 James R. Hines Jr.
2016 Alvin C. Warren, Jr.
2015 William D. Andrews
2014 James Poterba
2013 Michael Graetz
2012 Joel Slemrod
2011 Alan Auerbach
2010 Henry Aaron
2009 Peter Mieszkowski
2008 Walter Hellerstein
2007 Harvey Rosen
2006 Richard Bird
2005 Roy Bahl
2004 Charles E. McLure
2003 Martin Feldstein
2002 Wallace E. Oates
2001 Arnold C. Harberger
2000 John F. Due
1999 Oliver Oldman
1998 C. Lowell Harriss
1997 Richard Goode
1996 George F. Break
1994 Richard Musgrave
1993 Carl S. Shoup